Work Life And Greek Mythology

30 04 2009

At work I am struggling a bit, everything happening day to day is the same as the day before. A never ending tide of work. Clear the desk, the desk fills back up again, clear the desk, the desk fills back up again.

Now I don’t think that I have made the mistake of telling a Greek God (Asopus) that his Daughter (Aegina) was away on a dirty weekend with Zeus, but I do feel a bit like Sisyphus, forced for eternity to push a boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down again. For all I know, Zeus might be taking his revenge on me, but I can’t think what for.

Oh well, back to the boulder.


Real Men Drink Amaretto

14 04 2009

Unless you hadn’t noticed it was Easter this weekend, which, with me being a non-religious type, just means 4 days holiday.

I had decided not to go anywhere this weekend, untill I got a snotty phone call at work, which put me in such a bad mood that I wanted a drink or 5. Knowing that the housemate was going to be out I took myself up to Worcester where I was kindly (again) put up by Fatbob and Bimbo. Upon getting there we promptly left in order to go and meet Dev in the Hand in Glove. All I can really remember about that night was the tallest man in the world at the bar.

On good Friday, after Fatbob had gone to work, and I had been out to buy a toothbrush myself Jackie, KP and Dev hit the Slug and Lettiuce for lunch. We decided that it was a pretentious lunch as the chips came in a mug type affair and had to be poured out on to your own plate. Later we were joined by May-Z who had finally beetled his way up from Londinium on the train. Cue a few more pints in the town and dinner cooked by Bimbo we headed back into town via the Worcester Free Art Gallery, which is actually an graffitied alleyway that now has art comments on by the mysterious Curator. Highlights include Ludo and Dicktionary (this doesn’t translate as well written down, its better on bimbos blog).

Anyway, we made it to the Postal Order, Worcesters premier hangout for drunks and hen parties, where none of us had been for at least 5 years. Upon discovering that Amaretto was only £1.29 a shot, we proceeded to have Corona with Amaretto chasers and deciding that we should start a Victorian Gentlemans Drinking club. Real men drink Amaretto apparantly, well they do now.

Unfortunately as I had plans on Saturday I had to shoot off early and meet up with Catherine and Steve who kindly gave me a triangle of the worlds biggest Tobelerone. So after not doing a whole heck of a lot on Sunday and Monday apart from going out on my bike, it is back to Work for a 4 day week. The sun is out and I have a smile on my face. What is going on?

Plus tonight, I am very excited to be going to see …and you will know us by the trail of the dead.




18 12 2008

It was the works christmas party last night.  Well yesterday afternoon, well it started at midday.  Anyway, we went to a restaurant called Oddballs, which John very, very kindly paid for (we reckon that the bill came to about £400) out of his own pocket.  We had secret Santa, and the present that I bought Mike went down a storm.  God bless Hawkins Bazaar and their robot claw.

So the party went on and I eventually goit in at about 10.30.  Unfortunately I had left my car at the office the night before so I had to ride my bike in.  It was quite nice to be out at that time of the morning, but I really feel like poo today.  Not been ill though.  Yet.

I posted that bit at abot 10 this morning, and now its nearly 3.  I don’t feel so bad now, the 2 bacon rolls from Greggs seemed to sort me out quite nicely.


25 09 2008

I am going to sign up to do a free language course today through the university.  Through the Institution Wide Language Programme I have the choice of French, German, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Portugese as well as sign language.  I think that I will do a beginners course in Russin first, as I have been thinking about doing the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

Anyway I will have to do 2 hours of lectures a week with a 1 hour online session, and I am supposed to do 3 hours of practice a week too.  I should be able to keep this up as I don’t really do a lot else of an evening.  So there you go, just thought that I would let you know.

So Much to Talk About, So little Time

11 09 2008

For the last few weeks I have had nothing really to say.  Now I have loads, and don’t have the opportunity to write about it.  So I will do it in bite size chunks here.

1)Lance Armstrongs comeback-Why?  I am a massive fan, but why come out of retirement to try and win Tour number 8.  If you lose it will sully the memory of a great champion.

2)Glasvegas-What an amazing album, I love it.  It makes songs about social workers and dead dads sound anthemic and uplifting.  Next years Mercury music prize please.  Really annoyed that I didn’t get tickets for their Wedgewood Rooms show.

3)The Mercury Music Prize- Well done Elbow, I am really pleased, they don’t get the credit they deserve and are thourghly nice chaps to boot.  Plus I am really glad Adele didn’t win.

4)Flobots- Their album Fights with Tools brings a socially conscious dimension to the Bling and ‘ho world of hip hop.  You wouldn’t see Fiddy rapping about the CIA killing Salvador Ayende would you!

5)The Large Hadron Collider-  I don’t really understand what it does, something to do with Boson’s that don’t exist I believe, but it does have a touch of the Dr Evils about it.  Pay me One Hundred Billion Dollars or I will unleash a “Black Hole”.  Mwah ha ha, Mw ha ha ha ha ha ha.

6)The End of The Road-Not because of Black Holes, but because its the festival that I am going to this weekend.  In the Rain.  Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band, Mercury Rev and Calexico headline the 3 days.  Really looking forward to Micah P Hinson British Sea Power, Bon Iver, The Pictish Trail and The Mountain Goats.

7)Stickboy-After hearing a track on Marc Riley on 6 Music I bought the album.  Its great.  I don’t know much about the fella but its one worth getting.

8)The new job is going well.  Not my ideal career choice, but the people that I work with are nice and the benefits are good.

There you go, short but informative, a bit like me. 


En Suisse

10 04 2008

Greetings from wet windy and rainy Crassier, the small town near to Geneva and Nyon where our head office is based.

I stayed in Lausanne last night, which I quite like and had a quiet meal and a drink with some friends.  As we drove to the office, thre was a debate about the state of global warming (Its never rained this hard here before) and the fact that there is no new music available in Switzerland.  This was mentioned after Your Woman by White Town had come on the radio.  The one hit wonder from the mid 90s, that I havnt heard since then.

After breakfast of bread and honey, I now have to get down to a days work.  Bear in mind this I have been in the office since 7 (6 UK time) and I didnt have a good nights sleep.

Tonight we are out for a meal and drinks for Juliens leaving party.  He is leaving the company to travel the world without using a plane.  He intends on going through Ukraine, Kazaksthan, Afghanistan and over the Himalayas.  Bloody good luck to him…I am so jealous.

Au revoir