Bats Attract Celebrities

31 03 2009

On Sunday I saw Bat for Lashes at the Wedgewood Rooms, sorry I forgot to take my camera, but from where I was standing I didn’t get much of a view anyway, it was rammed and even had celebrities in the crowd (Well one, Alexander Siddiq, who played the Doctor in Star Trek-Deep Space 9 and a terrorist in season 5 of 24. He was blown up in the White House).

Caroline Weeks was the support and looked tiny on the stage with just her guitar for company, and played dainty acoustic songs with an amazingly powerful voice. She also had hair that looked like Princess Leia, but thats a different story.

Bat For Lashes came on and Played brilliantly, not bad for the first night of a tour. I had seen them the 2nd to last time that they played at the Radiohead Gig in Victoria Park. Luckily this time the sound actually worked, and they didn’t have to go off half way through. They were playing a lot of new songs, and Natasha (Khan the front woman and main driving force of the band, that now includes Charlotte Hatherly, formerly of Ash) sounded superb. She has a superb voice and made the best of it. I like Fur and Gold as an album, but have to be in the right mood to listen to it, which doesn’t really happen as often as it should. My favourite track “Whats a Girl to Do” was played and the drumming was spot on, and sounded better live than on CD. All good stuff really.

Anyway, work to do.


Not Death Metal and Wheres Tacky?

30 03 2009

Dev and KP came down on Friday and presented me with a lovely present, a

Its Tacky the Dog

Its Tacky the Dog

statue of a dog in a jumper (now christened Tacky) and after a King Prawn Jalfrezi expertly cooked by me, we went up to the George for a few drinks, where I accused a dog of having Downs Syndrome and we chatted rubbish for a while.

Saturday came and we headed to the Southwick Brewhouse to look around the brewery and purchase some real ales, including a Chilli Beer for Dev.  The guy that runs the place is a really nice, but a bit eccentric gentleman, but makes everyone feel at home. 

From here we went to the Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson and had a look at some tanks and stuff.  Dev was partucularly pleased with the pieces of the Iraqi supergun that were there, whereas I was more interested in the fact that they were firing off some of the guns. 

During the day, Tacky had miraculously moved to various different places in the flat, causing much amusement (considering our ages, we are very childish).  We then met up with Andy G to go to the Pyramids to see the Eagles Of Death Metal play a blindingly brilliant set.  Sadly minus Josh Homme, the band seemed pleased to be there and were enjoying themselves a lot as they rattled of their tracks, and a couple of cover versions.  A superb speeded and rocked up version of Stuck in the Middle with You and Brown Sugar were good, but the highlight was the single Want You So Hard.  The hot and sweaty atmosphere of the Pyramids seems made for this band. 

After we rocked our faces off we decided to hit Albert Road for a few only to find out that most of the pubs were rammed full of idiots, so we headed back to the penthouse for a few more and because the clocks went forward we didnt get to bed until gone 3.

I have now decided that I am going to play a game of Where’s Tacky? and will be hiding the statue at various peoples houses until they can get rid of it again.  Of course, this could be a short game if they don’t find it and give it back.


26 03 2009
So down to the Wedgewood rooms last night to see the Clarts from the GLC.  Safe as F**K!

I have a soft spot for Goldie Lookin Chain, and their first album proper Greatest Hits was on heavy rotation for a long time.  This is the third time that I have seen them now, and the first time was a classic.  The sound stopped working and they had to make up 20 minutes as they were going.  Win a date with the Maggot was priceless entertainment.

Sadly, since then, the tunes have not been as good, and the albums pretty terrible, but the gig was good, and the new tracks that were played were pretty good.  Mind you it helps that they played a lot of their back catalogue, starting with Half Man, Half Machine (my favourite) and finished with Your Mothers Got A Penis.  I’m also glad that they played The Maggot purely for the fact that it has the line “A gentleman thief, a scholar and a rogue.  Doing the locomotion like Kylie Minogue” and Adams Charm School which is based around the old Grange Hill theme tune.

Anyway, seem to have lost my thread now, I’ll put up some photos when I get home.

The Chain

The Maggot giving it large

More Soon…I Promise

23 03 2009

OK, been a bit lame this month, not really had a lot to say. I got injured on my holiday, twisted knee, so wasn’t able to get out and do much. If you want to know what I did this weekend, I went out on my bike on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I watched The Pompey vs Everton Game. Great win for us, then the Rugby, Great win for England against Scotland, had a chinese at my parents then watched Andy Murray beat Roger Federer.

On the Sunday, I watched I Am Legend (alright film, probably won’t watch it again), Wigan v Hull, Liverpool stuff the Villa and England loose humiliatingly to the West Indies in the cricket.

On the plus side, congratulations go to the England Womens Cricket Team, whose near total dominance of the sport is someting to be proud about, and Mark Cavendish, who won the Milan-San Remo.