2000 Trees Festival 2011

19 07 2011

Last weekend was time for the 2nd festival of the summer.  To be honest, you couldn’t get two more polar opposite of the festival world.

First was Glastonbury with 170000 people, 13 stages and more food stalls and shopping than you could possibly get through in a week.  Massive headline acts on all of the stages, and internationally renowned acts from all over the world littered the bill, which is why it cost £250 a ticket and your are on site for I suppose.

Second was 2000 Trees out in the Gloustershire countryside where 4500 people gathered to see 4 stages worth of New and Underground UK music.  The fact that most people wouldn’t recognice the main stage headliners, let alone many of the smaller bands really appeals to me.  For a £60 quid fee and 2 days of music you really can’t go wrong.

This was my 2nd year there, and this time the busy people have added another stage as well as setting out a completely new layout.  The new addition on the stages was called The Cave, and was the scene for the hardest music played this weekend.  Bands like Feed The Rhino, Kong Exit Ten and Japanese Voyeurs filled our ears with Rock music, making me remember how much I liked it.

Away on the Leaf Lounge stage and Main stage none of the acts dissappointed.  I saw Islet again, even though I didn’t really want to, because the sun had come out and I couldn’t be bothered to move for the first 20 minutes.  Dan Le Sac Vs  Scroobius Pip headlined the Friday night and have really grown into a proper festival band with some excellent banter and some even better tunes.

I came away with a list of bands that I need to look up and listen to again.  StringerBessant (2 ex members of Reef) and The Wave Pictures get special mention.  The Anomolies and Chewing on Tinfoil were both great

S0, I guess you can say that I enjoyed it, infact as we had such a good time we are already planning to go again next year.


Hidden Gems #3

17 04 2009

I could have written this about most songs on The Bends, its by far and away my favourite album, but as I have been listening to A Letter from God To Man off of the Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip album that uses this sample, I am going to write about Planet Telex.

While songs like Street Spirit, Fake Plastic Trees and High and Dry get all of the radio air play, and deserved plaudits for being brilliant, the album opener never seems to get a look in.

From the opening bars of the keyboards to hook you in to the album as a whole, and the start of Thom Yorkes falsetto odyssey, the cry of “Everything is Broken, Everyone is Broken” gets me. I’m not sure what this song is about, probably lost love and broken hearts, if its not, then it damn well should be.

Songs That Changed My Life

21 08 2008

You may or may not know that on Jo Whileys Radio 1 show they have a section called changing tracks, that listeners write in and tell about the one song that has changed their life.  The stories that go with it are normally quite good and have a happy ending, and the song has some personal message to the listener.

Anyway…  I thought that I would write about mine, its somthing that I have been meaning to do for a while (there are lots of things that I have meant to do, like write blogs about the Pompey summer signings, my new job etc, etc.  but I have just been lazy.

Float On by Modest Mouse.

When this came out  I was working for homebase, and living in Winchester with my girlfriend, I can’t say that I was overly happy with my life, because I wasn’t, I was bored and couldn’t see where things were going.  This song helped me to change direction in my life, I think that it was listening to this that made me quit my job and start taking a few risks in life, hence buying a campervan and travelling around europe with the girlfriend at the time. 

This song still makes me feel good and happy whenever I listen to it, and always gives a sense that whatever crap happens to you its going to turn out alright.  This is why seeing Modest Mouse live is one of the highlights of my gig going career.

Alone, Jealous and Stoned by The Secret Machines

Ill set the scene…Its a cold January, and I have a chest infection.  I have been back from travelling Europe since November, it has been a hard time, myself and the girlfriend of the time had  broken up 2 days after we had got back after too many arguements.  I didnt have a job and no recruitment consultants could find me work either.  Late one night I decided that I would go to Asda and buy an album to cheer myself up by spending money that I didnt have.  I came back with 10 Silver Drops by a band that I had never heard of called The Secret Machines.  Track one, Alone, Jealous and Stoned blew me away, the lyrics hit the right spot, the psychadelic guitar solo took me to a much better place, and for the first time in a while I was enjoying myself even though I was sat in a freezing wet car on a wet January evening in Asda’s carpark.  I sat there for the near seven minutes of the song and loved every second of it. 

This song reminds me of how close I could get to being rock bottom in my life and still manage to get out of it.  Shortly after this I got my first temping job so that I could afford to start going out again, I began to start seeing my friends and shortly afterwards I started getting interviews.  Life got good for a while….

The Magicians Assistant by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

About January time my job changed and it went rapidly downhill.  By May I hated it every time I had to go into the office, I was getting more and more fed up, I was tired as I had barely slept in a month.  I had also made myself ill.  I was angry with myself, my family, my colleagues and friends.  I was more arguementative than I should have ever been, and I apologise now if anyone is reading this.

For my birthday I got this album, but didnt get a chance to listen to it for a few days.  On the morning that I eventually did, I was driving into the office thinking how easy it would be to just drift into the barriers in the middle of the road, just to get a few days off work.  The Magicians Assistant came on the CD player with its anti-suicide message and it just snapped me out of it.  The week after I decided that I would quit my job, and things have looked better since then.

Its strange the way that songs affect people, not just me but the hundreds of people that listen to Jo Whiley, my friends, the general public.  Its just that moment in time that gets you where you need it.

Not Such A Hermit After All

28 04 2008

So my life has now got a bit hectic, I went to a gig on Saturday night, and am now going to the Maccabees on wednesday, Lethal Bizzle on Thursday.  Then Friday I am picking up Ebby at about 5ish on Friday and we are hightailing it to the Woo for dinner with Bimbo and the Fat one, and possibly a few drinks and a grand old reunion between Ebby and Dev who havn’t seen each other for a good few years.

On Saturday we are going to head into Birmingham for the afternoon and then see Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip in the evening.  On Sunday I have promised a trip to Hay-on-Wye to Ebby for a mooch around some bookshops.  Then its a long drive home in the evening.  As Monday is a bank holiday I may get a rest then…but you never know!