Kitchen Excitement

17 08 2009

I got home yesterday to find that the housemate has bought a shiny new black Smeg Fridge freezer.  To say that ours was on its last legs was a bit of an understatement.  We had got it free 2 years ago from somebody who had got it free 2 years previously and someone probably had it free before that.

Fridge Freezer

Fridge Freezer

Anyway, we finally have a new fridge freezer, and its funky.  Here is a picture that I just grabbed from Tinterweb.


Black And White

28 04 2009

Take a while…sit back, and just think about how good photocopiers are. At the moment I am doing a lot of photocopying in my job, and yes it is annoying and possibly giving me cancer, but I can’t help but admire the way that photocopiers go about doing their jobs.

Taking whatever you can throw at them, paper, cats, arses at office parties and making a 2D impression on either A4 or A3. You can change the colour of the paper if you want, or have it duplex…Stapled! No problem there.

Your standard Xerography (dry heat) photocopier was introduced by guess who?….Xerox in the 1960’s and works via a complicated procedure of making the toner positively charged and sticking it to the negatively charged area to make the black bits.

Anyway, now you can whack in 50 sheets of paper and get 500 back in no great time. Think how difficult that would have been years ago.

Here’s to the photocopier. Cheers for making my life easier.

Driving Stats

26 09 2008

My Drive to work

  • Average time taken-15 minutes
  • Number of miles-5
  • Sets of Traffic Lights-14
  • Average time spent at Traffic Lights- 8 minutes

On my drive to work I spend more time sat still than I do driving, and I don’t really live in the middle of a city.  I should start riding my bike.

A Bit of a Laugh

26 06 2008

If you need some amusement for the afternoon, click here.

I thought it was sunny anyway.

Rockys Eyebrows

26 01 2008

I have never been the biggest boxing fan, and most definately never been the biggest Sylvester Stallone fan (I seem to remember a really bad musical called Oscar, but I might have made that up), so it came as a surprise to me tonight when I ended up watching Rocky Balboa, the 6th installment of the franchise.  It definately wasn’t for the acting, Sly’s monologues just go on for a while with a bit of grunting.

Anyway, I realised what had sucked me in.  Its sheer car crash and a spot of rubber necking, but Sylvester Stallones Eyebrows are unbelieveable.  Perfectly maintained, but so out of place on his face.  For some reason they curl around the side and end up at the bottom of the eye. 

A little bit random, so sorry about that, but I thought it was quite interesting.