Unapologetic Excitement

30 04 2008

I have been having a shitty time at work, that much is true, but when I got home I went giddy with excitement as one of the best things has just happened.  Rival Schools are playing at the wedge.  I absolutely love this band, and was quite annoyed when they split up after recording United By Fate, an unsung masterpiece (in my eyes so dont give me grief) of an album from 2001.

So excuse me while I rock out for a bit.  For the 3mins and 43  seconds that Holding Sand is on, everything is right with the world.

Right thats better.  I have got my ticket, Dave has asked me to get 2.  I would reccommend that everyone else got one too.


Not Such A Hermit After All

28 04 2008

So my life has now got a bit hectic, I went to a gig on Saturday night, and am now going to the Maccabees on wednesday, Lethal Bizzle on Thursday.  Then Friday I am picking up Ebby at about 5ish on Friday and we are hightailing it to the Woo for dinner with Bimbo and the Fat one, and possibly a few drinks and a grand old reunion between Ebby and Dev who havn’t seen each other for a good few years.

On Saturday we are going to head into Birmingham for the afternoon and then see Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip in the evening.  On Sunday I have promised a trip to Hay-on-Wye to Ebby for a mooch around some bookshops.  Then its a long drive home in the evening.  As Monday is a bank holiday I may get a rest then…but you never know!

The Sound Of South Wales

27 04 2008

It started with the Lostprophets, Funeral For A Friend followed suit, then all of a sudden the ‘Sound of South Wales’ was everywhere, from bands like You, Me at Six and Kids in Glass Houses, to American bands like Madina Lake.  Its that highly polished sound, where there is a slightly nasaly lead singer and lots of twangy guitars.  I’m not going to deny it, I quite like the ‘Sound of South Wales’, but I reckon that fairly soon I will be a bit sick of it, like the Brit Pop era when every man and his dog wanted to sound like Oasis.  Anyway, I havn’t done that good a job describing it so I have linked the Myspaces of those bands so that you can see for yourself.

The reason that I am writing this is because I went to a gig last night with the Housemate (He drove, so I was drinking, drinking leads to honesty apparantly and doing things that I may later regret.) and the Sound of South Wales was in evidence in spades.  Mostly because there were 2 Welsh bands playing.  First band up was Canterbury, who I have just found out have recorded their first album.  They were really good live, and their guitarist was excellent.  One of their songs made the hairs on my arms stand up, so that was good sign.  I don’t know what it is called but its not on myspace so I can’t even find out.  Next band up were Viva Machines who were also really good, and Welsh so they had the ‘Sound of South Wales’.  Followed by The Automatic.

I was a big fan of the Automatic, they stood out from the crowd arount the time of their first album by having a sense of humour and a guy that shouted on the songs.  Now they seem to have lost some of that, and the shouty one has left the band.  Their new songs sounded quite good and the old ones sounded as brilliant as everespecially Monster and Raoul, but it was a bit annoying that they came on late and then didnt play an encore.  I know that they don’t have to, but it would have been nice…

Talking of the Sound of South Wales I bought Under the Counter the new album by Goldie Lookin Chain a while ago.  I love the GLC they have been around for a while and have recorded some genius stuff, so why is this album so poor.  My guess is that being dropped by your record label doesn’t help.  Someone sign them to get them good again.

Safe as fuck clart!  You Knows it.

Andyspex signing out Two Thousand plus Eight.  Tidy!


23 04 2008

I think I am in danger of turning into a hermit. I actually can’t remember the last time that I went out of the house that wasn’t to the shops or to work.

I really should sort this out. I might go out tonight but as I havn’t heard whether the housemate is going or not, I probably won’t. Yet another night of my youth wasted….

No wonder I don’t have anything exciting to tell y’all. (In honour of Dev and KP who are just back from the Lone Star State).


22 04 2008

Rajastan won yesterday, unfortunately I was working so couldn’t watch all of it but I did manage to get the last 8 overs. Good stuff.


20 04 2008

OK, Rajastan Royals were beatenquite badly, put into bat they scored 129-8, and  with 2 early wickets this never really looked like a game that we would win.  Still on the bright side this wasn’t necessarily their best team, with Dimi, Morne Morkel or Justin Langer not played.  Anyway, Dehli Daredevils scored 132-1 off of 15 overs to take the win.

So far this tournament hasn’t dissappointed and its still only the first weekend. 


18 04 2008

Evening all.

I have just watched the first game of the Indian Premier League where Kolkata Knightriders have just anihilated Bangalore Royal Challengers.  An absolutely brilliant display by Brendon McCullam hitting a world record score of 158 off of just 73 balls was the highlight as Kolkata reached 220-3.

Bangalore came into bat, and I thought they would have stood a good chance of making a game of it, but how wrong could I be.  With a collapse that England would have been proud of managed 82 all out, with their 2nd highest scorer being Extras.

Anyway, the reason that I am excited is that I always like new sporting events, I remember being fairly extited when the Ruby Super Leage started, and I don’t even like rugby league.  This is a bit special though, as its an entirely new concept.  There are 8 franchises, who each bid for players in a secret auction.  MS Dhoni went for the top price of 1.5million.  All of which goes to him for the 14 games that he could play.

Yes the money is bringing in the big guns, but I am so disappointed in the short sightedness of the English Cricket Board  not letting our players out there.  Playing with the best in the world for 6 weeks will surely improve them more than having rain stop play in Glamorgan. 

Luckily for me one of my favourite players Dimitri Mascarenhas (Got to support the Hampshire boys) is out there, the county have let him go, and all for the better, it will really help his international chances.   Even better he is in the same team as another Hampshire player Shane Warne.  So come on Rajastan Royals.  Now there is something that I never thought I would be saying.

Anyway, Dheli tomorrow 4pm on Setanta.  I’ll be there.

Keeping the Faith

17 04 2008

For a few months now I have been buying albums just for the sake of it, it seems.  Some of them I can’t have listened to more than a few times, Ive burn’t the tracks that I like to MP3 and had done with it.

I was beginning to lose faith in Modern Music, there is so much dross out there that its a difficult job to sort the wheat from the chaff.  In the last year, I could think of 1 album that has really moved me and made me think about the music.  Vampire Weekends self titled debut.  An album that I absolutely love.

Then, Lo and Behold, last week I  recieve Cease to Begin by Band of Horses through from Amazon.  Oh my god, beauty in aural form, I absolutely love this album.  Its fragile, delicate and holds so much resonance with me at the moment its scary.

Today I had to go to Thurrock for a meeting, so I dropped into Borders who were having a sale, and I purchased 5 albums for less than twenty quid.  Not one of them is bad, some are more challenging than others (Places Like These by Architecture in Helsinki -£3.99), some of them bring back the spirit of Rock and roll (Have Mercy by The Mooney Suzuki- £4.99)  the best of the bunch and the biggest bargain was Nice and Nicely Done by the Spinto Band for a whole £2.99.  Now May-Z has been saying this is a great album for about a year now, and I can finally agree, its brilliant.

So there you go, has music taken a slump, or have I just been buying the wrong thing…

Probably the latter

Not the best time to have Writers Block

16 04 2008

At the moment I am suffering from writers block, you may be able to tell, my posts on here have been crap and infrequent.  So now when I have to come up with a 1200 word article for the Timber Trade Journal (Don’t mock me, its a well respected publication in the UK timber market) I find that I am struggling a lot. 

I do tend to find that I over research, leaving myself with too short a time to actually write the thing.  Chances are because I have to write this I will post on here a few times over the next few days.

Oh, one more thing, something that really made me question the intelligence of our postman.  Yesterday, through our letterbox we received a flyer for 20% off a conservatory for your home.  I live in a 2nd floor flat, so unless its got stilts, I dont think there is any way that I will be having a conservatory.

En Suisse

10 04 2008

Greetings from wet windy and rainy Crassier, the small town near to Geneva and Nyon where our head office is based.

I stayed in Lausanne last night, which I quite like and had a quiet meal and a drink with some friends.  As we drove to the office, thre was a debate about the state of global warming (Its never rained this hard here before) and the fact that there is no new music available in Switzerland.  This was mentioned after Your Woman by White Town had come on the radio.  The one hit wonder from the mid 90s, that I havnt heard since then.

After breakfast of bread and honey, I now have to get down to a days work.  Bear in mind this I have been in the office since 7 (6 UK time) and I didnt have a good nights sleep.

Tonight we are out for a meal and drinks for Juliens leaving party.  He is leaving the company to travel the world without using a plane.  He intends on going through Ukraine, Kazaksthan, Afghanistan and over the Himalayas.  Bloody good luck to him…I am so jealous.

Au revoir