31 01 2008

Transfer deadline day is always my favourite day of the season, it comes from my addiction to Championship Manager when I was a kid, I was playing this during my formative years, if I had of gone outside more often, my life may have turned out a bit different.

Anyway, Im digressing, I like a good transfer, but today has been slightly dissappointing in the movements so far, but it will probably pick up a bit later.  The best so far is that the Finnish Legend (Don’t think I’m going over the top there, he was a brilliant player) Jari Litmanen joining Fulham.  Its a bit odd as he is 75, but then again, Fluham do have the worst manager in the league.  When Roy Hodgeson is sat on the touchline he always looks lost.

Slightly more worrying for me though is that Benjani, our top scorer of the season appears to be having a medical at Man City.  This could turn out to be a decent bit of business for us as he only cost £4million, and the rumours say he could be going for £7million.  The problem is though, who do we get in instead.  I’ve seen one rumour that Fredi Kanoute could be on his way to the training ground, and speculation is still surrounding Jermain Defoe.  I wouldn’t mind either of them, but then again, I would have liked it more if they could link up with Benjani.  Still I suppose that the gaffer knows what he is doing.  Last season he sold Gary O’Neill to ‘Boro.  But our top scorer by 8 goals …..

Also on the Pompey front more rumours that Alexandre Gaydamak has put us up for sale.  That could be interesting!  Ill keep you posted.



29 01 2008

I went out for a jog last night, well I say jog, I cant get used to running slowly.  Anyway, with the cold and everything, my asthma really played me up, and needless to say I am a lot unfitter than I used to be and ended up doing about a mile.

No excuses really, I know I am unfit, and I know that I need to get fitter, however I think that my chest infection took more out of me that I had first realised, my lungs are screwed (or at least blocked up with fat) so I should probably be out on my bike trying to boost the aerobic fitness levels.  I am sure that the stamina will come, but I could do with going with someone else so that I don’t end up sprinting for 300m and then dying for the next mile.

 I don’t think I will be going out again tonight, but possibly tomorrow…..

Rockys Eyebrows

26 01 2008

I have never been the biggest boxing fan, and most definately never been the biggest Sylvester Stallone fan (I seem to remember a really bad musical called Oscar, but I might have made that up), so it came as a surprise to me tonight when I ended up watching Rocky Balboa, the 6th installment of the franchise.  It definately wasn’t for the acting, Sly’s monologues just go on for a while with a bit of grunting.

Anyway, I realised what had sucked me in.  Its sheer car crash and a spot of rubber necking, but Sylvester Stallones Eyebrows are unbelieveable.  Perfectly maintained, but so out of place on his face.  For some reason they curl around the side and end up at the bottom of the eye. 

A little bit random, so sorry about that, but I thought it was quite interesting.

Vicious circles

25 01 2008

I get it from my Mum, who got it from her Mum.  I worry about things, I always have done, and probably always will.  I worry about big things, I worry about little things.  I even worry about things that happened years and years ago.

When I worry I can’t sleep, and then I worry that I can’t sleep and I am then stuck in a vicious non-sleeping cricle, which is why I am awake at midnight, writing this after a frantic search for my bank account details.  As you may have guessed from that last statement, I am worried about money, which due to a series of unforseen circumstances is screwing me over, so I am going to have to transfer money back from my mortgage account and blah blah blah.  See, I worry.

 The other thing on my mind is that my Grandad is in hospital.  He had a hip replacement last week and should have been home, but due to a blood clot in his lung (apparantly its a heart problem) he is still in, but could eb home by the weekend.  So thats not so much of a worry, but still its going over in my mind. 

Ive been thinking about shool as well (12 years ago) and things still worry me from there, im sure that most of it nobody else remembers apart from me, yet still I worry about it.

What can I say, apart from the fact that I am one of lifes worriers, and I can’t do anything about it…and that worries me.

Music makes my world go round

23 01 2008

As im sure it says in my Bio on here, I am a bit of a music junkie, which is why its surprised me that I havn’t actually written anything about it on here.  So here goes…

I like a good gig, but havn’t been to one for over a month, so im getting itchy feet and restless ear, I am longing to be aurally excited but am going to have to wait a while as firstly I have no money (Due to my own stupidity I am down to the last £100 of my exceedingly large overdraft) and 2ndly there isnt much about for the next couple of weeks.  No matter how much I scour the listings pages of the local venues there isnt anything for over a fortnight.

The Wedgewood rooms is the most likely place to have somthing that I would go to, with the Joiners being a close second. 

Now I have tickets for New Found Glory at the Wedge on the 9th and have some mates from the Woo coming down, but apart from that my friends down here are being generally lame.  I cant find anyone who wants to go to Nine Black Alps, I could ask my sister but she is so lame when it comes to music (she went to the Isle of Wight festival and says that the best band she saw were the Feeling.  This was at a festival headlined by Muse and the Rolling Stones.  Festival poser!!! but thats a different story alltogether)  and won’t see a band unless she has heard of them, no matter how many times I tell her to take a chance.

So anyway, the next band that I have tickets for are The Futureheads who I know Fat Bob and The Bimbo hate, but I have seen them and thought that they were really good.  Still it looks like it will be a good summer for music down here.  I am hoping that by the time I get paid, there will still be tickets for The Automatic and Dashboard Confessional.

Still in May, its ATP, curated by Explosions in the Sky,  with some bands that I am really looking forward too like the Silver Jews, ….and you will know us by the trail of the dead, De La Soul, The National and Ghostface Killa.

That will be somting to see.  One of the Wu Tang Clan in Butlins wavepool.

Later Kids

all my dreams come true: I hope not

16 01 2008

I’ve been having some really bizzarre dreams of late, not just odd, but really really strange, and somewhat frightening.

About a week ago I dreamt that I was shot in a gangsta style drive by, I cant really remember much more of it than that, but it was definately enough to wake me up.

2 nights ago I had a dream about some random person who works in a theatre, and we went for a walk.  It was really vivid and I could probably draw you a map of where we walked, but I dont think it exists.  Plus I havn’t been to a theatre in so many years and I definatly don’t know anyone who works in one.

Last night though was the one that woke me up and left me in a cold sweat:  I dreamt that I hadn’t done my GCSE maths coursework and that I couldn’t pass the exam if it wasn’t done.  I am not joking, but this really firghtened me.  The problem is I have no idea why, I left school 12 years ago and finished my GCSE maths with a good mark.

So if anyone has anyideas about what any of these dreams mean, then let me know.  It would be much appreciated.


Rock and Roll lifestyle

15 01 2008

I went off to Geneva yesterday and came back this morning.  I spent yesterday afternoon in meetings for various different things and then we went out for a meal in the evening.  It was a great night with 16 of us there and excellent food.

I had a rather lovely vegetable soup and then Lamb chops that were cooked to perfection.  A large amout of red wine flowed and I also had a creme brulee, which was excellent too.  If anyone gets to go to Via Roma in Geneva, I really reccommend it.

After the meal, the boss made his usual inappropriate speech and a toast followed with Lemoncello, which tastes like liquid sherbert lemons.  This is not a drink to be taken lightly as its really alcoholic, but it goes down really well.

After the meal I went back to one of my colleagues flats which is in an amazing location in Lausanne, and overlooks the lake and the alps and is a nice place to watch the sun rise.

I flew back this morning, the visit was far too short though, but I will be going back soon as I have the Vercaza dam bungee jump to do. 


3 01 2008

Its a new year so I like many millions of people have started with a new set of resolutions.  Ive not gone for anything major like a job change, or moving house.  I have just gone for making the most of my time on earth, by doing things to get a bit of adrenaline pumping through the veins. 

So comes the Year of Living Dangerously.

Pamplona is booked, so I now need to get fit, I’ll be off out on the bike soon enough to get the lungs working again.

Apart from that I may take a night class just to get out of the house.  The other big change in my life is going to be that I won’t be going up to Worcester as much.  It costs far too much money, and as I need to start clearing the overdraft, its a good place to start.  Plus it may give me a chance to start meeting people down this neck of the woods.

So we will see where this takes me.