Cycling to Work

19 04 2012

I really didn’t realise that it had been so long since I had written anything here, which just goes to prove that not a lot has happened.  Well apart from the trip to Wales.

Recently, in an effort to get fit, I bought a new bike, a road bike so that I could ride to work.  I know that this is against all of my Mountain Biking heritage, but I just need something that will be a bit easier, and the skinny tyres do help a lot.  Now the bike is nothing spectacular, it was the only bike that I could afford in the size that I needed, plus I got a load of Nectar points buying through Amazon (better Christmas presents for my family now).

My plan is to ride the 5.75 miles to work as often as I can, both to get fit and save money.  So far it has rained more often than not, so I haven’t got as much use as I wanted.  When I do go in though, it takes me about 27 minutes, which would be shorter if it weren’t for all of the pesky traffic lights and the level crossing that is bound to have a train coming when I need to be passing it.

It is quite good to see so many people riding to work, I invariably pass the same people going in the opposite direction every day, and they are a right miserable bunch.  None of them ever smile, it is probably my fault, why would they want to smile back at someone gurning like a fool.  But I find cycling a happy experience, I enjoy it, and it makes me smile.  I quite understand people on their way to work being miserable, but surely they must be able to think back to the fun that they had on their bikes when they were kids.  I can, and to me my bike still means fun and freedom, even if it is tempered by the fact that I have to spend the next 8 hours a day sat behind a desk in a soul sucking job.

Normally in a car my trip to work takes about 20 minutes, I would much rather spend another 8 on my bike, getting some fresh air.  It really helps that over half of my ride is on cycle lanes.  I wish it was more though.


Active Weekend

20 04 2010
Why is the weather mocking me so much, I need to be outside on a day like today.  I have had such an active weekend that I want to be out there again.
I woke up on Saturday and went out for a massive walk, I reckon it was about 10 miles, it was a beautiful cloudless day.  With the Volcanic ash of doom about there were no planes, so in some parts it was incredibly silent, but walking through the fields was nice.
H came round later on Saturday afternoon after work and after much deliberation we decided that we would go to the pub, so we went to the Ship at Langstone, and sat by the sea drinking a nice pint of Fullers Discovery, which I do like.

Reflection from Hayling Bridge

On Sunday we got our bikes out after we had decided that we were going to  ride to Hayling Island.  We left from mine and cycled down to Farlington before heading along the marshes to Langstone.  We crossed the bridge and headed up the old Hayling Billy Railway line, which was closed due to the Beeching railway reforms and is now used by vast amounts of Walkers, Cyclists and Horse Riders.  Once we had reached he end we decided to ride along to the Ferryboat Inn and have a pint in the sun, which was lovely, before riding back.

This is about a 20 mile round trip (I just Google mapped it, and its not far off as the cycle path runs down by the road).  I am incredibly impressed as before last week H hadn’t been on a bike for over 10 years.  The padded shorts she has purchased are obviously working.
Later on Sunday afternoon we went and had dinner sat in my parents back garden, which was lovely and warm.  The rubbish thing is I am wishing the week away, because I want it to be next weekend now so that I can do this sort of thing again.

More Soon…I Promise

23 03 2009

OK, been a bit lame this month, not really had a lot to say. I got injured on my holiday, twisted knee, so wasn’t able to get out and do much. If you want to know what I did this weekend, I went out on my bike on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I watched The Pompey vs Everton Game. Great win for us, then the Rugby, Great win for England against Scotland, had a chinese at my parents then watched Andy Murray beat Roger Federer.

On the Sunday, I watched I Am Legend (alright film, probably won’t watch it again), Wigan v Hull, Liverpool stuff the Villa and England loose humiliatingly to the West Indies in the cricket.

On the plus side, congratulations go to the England Womens Cricket Team, whose near total dominance of the sport is someting to be proud about, and Mark Cavendish, who won the Milan-San Remo.

Off Roading

12 10 2008

I was out on my bike at Queen Elizabeth country Park yesterday, and its good to know that I am getting fitter by I had a bit of a nightmare.  Firstly there was the fact that its mainly wet chalk, which is a bitch to ride on, then I went over the handlears, just ecause I was being a bit of a fool, trying to take a corner that I really shouldn’t have been.

Then onto the second half of the course that I really love I punctured, meaning that I had to walk back to the visitor centre and my car, only to find out I didn’t have my puncture repair kit with me.  So I bought one that said it had tyre levers (Plural) in it, but it only had one, which is no use at all.  After I had borrowed a pair from a passing group, I fixed both holes and decided that I was going to take on the second half again.

Lets just say that I absolutely nailed it.  I flew around, and overtook people, which I rarely do.  I floated over the roots and bumps and managed to get some decent air, which I landed and didn’t puncture again.  I left the park with a big smile on my face and a runny nose.


29 09 2008

I ahve been bunged up with cold this weekend, even though the weather was fantastic.  I had been looking forward to another long ride this weekend, but made it to my parents and had to stop for a while before riding back again. 

The problem is that the cold has gone to my lungs and I am worried that it will turn into another chest infection.  I have had to start taking the steroid inhalers again (that I really don’t want to) and a visit to the Asthma clinic is in order.

Anyway in the afternoon I watched the football, the Liverpool derby is always worth watching and then was quite annoyed that Arsenal lost to Hull (I wanted them to keep up the pressure to make the title race a little interesting). 

On Sunday I went for a stroll along the beach while the indian summer lasts, and then watched Pompey beat Tottenham.  Spurs looked like a team that were already beaten from the start, they didn’t seem to have the desire, and had Ekhoto at Left back been playing against anyone better than Glen Little (terrible player, luckily we got him for free) then we could have got more.  Diarra was stupid to get sent off though, but the Housemate made the prediction that he would after 5 minutes as he seemed to be a bit fired up (bad news for my Fantasy league team).

Anyway, there you go, my nose is still running and I want to get rid of this sodding cold.


22 09 2008

This weekend had some lovely weather, perfect for cycling, nice and warm and no wind, so on Saturday I decided to get some more milage under my belt.  I ended up riding from my house to Bognor which is about 50 miles there and back.  Its a good ride, and fairly flat, but the best thing was that I didn’t feel tired and then had I not been going out on the Sunday, would have done some more miles. 

The reason that I am doing this is that I am going to ride John O’Groats to Lands End next year (JoGLE), but also because I need to get back to some form of Aerobic fitness.  I had a chest infection earlier in the year and still don’t feel quite right in the breathing department.  Still, this weekend tested them out ghood and proper.

Thinking about this I am getting quite excited now.

Smoking Kids and No Cake

28 08 2008

I had a crazy mad weekend for this bank holiday.  On Friday I took my leave from the Independent Isle and headed up to Worcester.  I had dinner at Bimbo and Fatbobs place (minus Fat Bob as he was combine harvesting a field for some reason or another) where we ate and then headed to the Dragon in town for more than one pint of local brew.  KP and Dev met us theer, shortly followed by the Fat one who had finished harvesting due to it being dark.  We had a few more, and it was a cracking night.  On the way home we had some chips from the kebab shop, laughing at the fact that Brian Harvey was playing a gig in Tramps (one of the worst clubs in the world).

The next morning we watched the Taekwondo at the Olympics and witnessed the drama as the British girl was out then back in, then out and  finally back in, before retiring injured.  After that I went out on the bike with Neil as a first preperatory ride for our JoGLE trip.  We plan to do this  at some point next year, but I am sure there will be more on this soon.

We met up with another of Devs uni friends, G and went out for some food and then a pint.  We had to walk across a field that was being Combine Harvested (Not by Fat Bob) and down a road that none of us had any idea where it went.  It turned out that it was the one that ended at the pub we were going to.  The Royal Oak in Hallow is quite nice, and you can get Kronenbourg there which is always a bonus.  But then something that completely shocked us happened.  We were sat outside as it was a nice night when 4 kids (aged between about 12 and 16) came out and started smoking.  What was worse was that they were the Landladys kids and she was letting them do it.  A conversation went like this.

Landlady “When do you want Pizza”

Kid (age about 14) “When we have finished these!” (holding up cigarette).

OK, kids smoke, I am sure they know that its bad for them, but will they ever stop if their parents blatently let them.  This could turn into a rant, but it won’t.

The next day we said bye to G and 5 of us went to the cricket at New Road to watch Worcester lose heavily to Durham.  During the match we saw loads of people walking past with plates of Tea and Cake.  With myself and Dev being bakery conniseurs we sent KP off to try and find the source of the cake and purchase some.  She failed miserably as it was only members who were allowed to have cake.  I think that is quite a rum old do as there are other people who like cake, not just members.  The members got a good old sledging from us I can tell you. 

As it was bank holiday and I didn’t have to run off early I stayed until the Monday when I went down to see Mack and Spanner in Fairford.  They are living at Spanners parents place as her Dad is very ill.  I am sure it made their day to have me turn up, but they were very polite and we had a nice lunch out.  They offered me cake.  Unlike the womans pavillion at the cricket.

I then went home and went to Fratton Park (for the first time in a few years) to watch Man U beat Portsmouth (Boo).  The game was actually quite good, and I did enjoy chanting “We Support our local team”.

There you go, busy Bank holiday weekend.  Its the way forward.

Another Update Of An Old Blog

13 08 2008

This first part was written on 16th of Feb 2007, so another 18 months have gone past.


For some reason I was thinking what I was doing a decade ago:

I was at college studying English Language, P.E. and Law.

I had a part time job at Homebase

I was listening to Radiohead OK Computer, Blur by Blur, the Fat of the Land by the Prodigy.

I learnt to drive and had a brown Mini, with a tape player that I used to make tapes for

I rode my mountain bike, that summer I was doing 200 miles a week

I used to play roller hockey with my mates Lee and Nick

I first went to the pub

I got mugged

I  lived with my parents

 A Decade later

A decade has gone by now and what the hell has changed in my life.  I finished College with 2E’s and an N.  I lost all faith in the english legal system as a result.  I went to university and started studying forestry, which I then changed to get a 2:2 in Geography.

I work for a charity called the Tropical Forest Trust, having left Homebase after 8 years.

I have actually just listend to tracks off of all of those albums on my mp3 player

I still have no claims and now drive a Ford Fiesta, I long for the day that I can afford to buy a mini as a 2nd car

My mountain bike hasnt been out of the shed for 3 years

I had to get rid of my blades, and Lee and Nick are both married.  Lee lives in Chichester and Nick lives in Aberdeen.

I still enjoy going to the pub

Havnt been mugged since

Due to a series of unfortunate incedents I am back living with my parents

So have I developed as a person in 10 years, I really hope so.  Who knows!  Am I better off?  Yes, but i’m buying a flat, so thats going out of the window.  Im certainly more world wise, I know that.

So why am I thinking all of this?  I have no idea, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  That and the fact that im sat at home on a friday night alone is also a kickback to 10 years ago.,

18 Months Later

After problems at work, and my role changing I have left the TFT, and am currently temping in a metal factory.  I have an interview today for a job that I don’t really want and am not that confident of getting anyway.

I havn’t bought any music since May, which is really sad, and its probably been that longsince I went to a gig too.

I still have no claims and now drive a Ford Fiesta, I long for the day that I can afford to buy a mini as a 2nd car.  My car is however gradually falling apart.

My mountain bike is on the landing, and I ride it regularly.  I am in the early stages of training to ride from Lands End to John O’Groats (or the other way around.

I had to get rid of my blades, and Lee and Nick are both married.  Lee lives in Chichester and has a Kid called Evelyn Louise, and Nick lives in Aberdeen.

I still enjoy going to the pub but havn’t been for a while.

I own my own flat with the housemate, although depending on finances in a few months I may have to move back in with the parents and rent out my room.

So there you go, just a quick update, not sure what will happen in another 18 months time.  I will keep you informed.


31 07 2008

I have just ridden my bike around the independent Isle of Portsmouth.  I stuck to the roads that took me as close to the sea as I could and following cycle paths where possible.  It took me less than 2 hours and I did it non stop.  I think that I am getting a bit fitter.  I had to do it as I am awaiting a really important phone call and needed to use up a bit of energy.

Just thought you might like to know.

Signposts wanted.

13 06 2008

I left home at 9.30 this morning with Rich to go on a fairly long road ride, we headed out past Langstone and then hit the beach path towards Emsworth.  From here, we headed down the South Coast Cycle Path, which is posibly the worst signposted route ever, we swiftly left this, as we had no idea where it went and headed around Chichester Harbour, which is bigger than I thought and kept going, so we did about 6 miles off roading before hiting the road to Fishbounre and then onto Dell Quay, where we had a well deserved pint. We would have eaten, but as this is a nice pub and restaurant the food was far too expensive for us.

The way back proved to be a struggle as all the way there was a headwind and roads that seemed to be uphill on the way out also seemed to be uphill on the way back.  To break this up we headed to the Beefeater for 2 courses for £7.99.  Now I am not saying that Steak and Apple Crumble are the best energy food, but it did the trick and we finished our ride just after 3 pm.

40 miles today and feeling good.