Blood Glorious Blood

1 04 2009

I went to give blood yesterday, its the 2nd time that I have done it. Portsmouth Guildhall was full of people, and for those that had walked in there was an hours wait, luckily I had booked, so didn’t have to wait too long.

My blood was checked for Iron, by the sink test (The more Iron you have the quicker your blood sinks). I have a lot of Iron apparently, must be all of the Guiness I drink. So I made it to stage 2 where I actually had to donate my blood. Last time this took ages to do, I must have been having a slow blood day, but this time, I was racing another guy to finish the pint. He even had a head start on the green flashing light, but I caught him up. There is nothing like having a competitive streak.

Anyway, good deed done for the day I went back to the office with my “Be nice to me, I gave blood today sticker” (It didn’t work), and then went to the pub for the Tuesday evening pub quiz, where we came spectacularly last.

Tacky the Dog was returned to my room last night, and has since been put in the microwave for The housemate to find when he is making fajitas tonight.



29 02 2008

Things to be happy about:

1)Its the 29th Febuary.  Ive been alive through 6 of these, that makes me nearly a week older than I should be.

2)Finally sorted out my expenses problem, so £500 coming to me.  Nice!

3)Ive got tickets to see my new favourite band Vampire Weekend at the wedgewood rooms on the 12th May…the day before my birthday.  Excellent present to me I think.

4)The damage to my car isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

5)Steak for Tea

6)My blood type is O positive.  I finally got the confirmation through.

Hmm, looking at it, these things aren’t that exciting.  Just shows you how crap my week has been for this to be the top 5 things making me happy.

The Day After

13 02 2008

I gave blood yesterday, today I feel like rubbish.  What are the chances of that then?


12 02 2008

I am going to give blood for the first time this afternoon, so I am a little bit nervous, but I think it should be easy enough, my arms resemble a tube map of London and so they should find a vein.

I’ve wanted to give blood for years ever since a friend did when we were about 8 or 9.  He was given a He-Man figure so my hopes are running high.  If not a cup of tea and a biscuit will do.  But still there are a couple more reasons, firstly I thought that it may be a good idea to know my blood type as I do a lot of travelling and thats the sort of information that may come in useful, but also as this is the Year of Living Dangerously, I thought that I would give something back. 

You never know, I might end up with it back again.