18 12 2008

It was the works christmas party last night.  Well yesterday afternoon, well it started at midday.  Anyway, we went to a restaurant called Oddballs, which John very, very kindly paid for (we reckon that the bill came to about £400) out of his own pocket.  We had secret Santa, and the present that I bought Mike went down a storm.  God bless Hawkins Bazaar and their robot claw.

So the party went on and I eventually goit in at about 10.30.  Unfortunately I had left my car at the office the night before so I had to ride my bike in.  It was quite nice to be out at that time of the morning, but I really feel like poo today.  Not been ill though.  Yet.

I posted that bit at abot 10 this morning, and now its nearly 3.  I don’t feel so bad now, the 2 bacon rolls from Greggs seemed to sort me out quite nicely.



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