End of A Month

31 10 2009

So this is the last post of my month of blogging, and although I didn’t quite make it the full month, I missed 3 days, I had a few days where I couldn’t get to a computer.  Anyway, this was hard to do.  I think now I might take a couple of days off.  Which will be nice.


The Best Thing Has Gone

29 10 2009

I only found out the Frankie Boyle has quit Mock the week today.  Not a big deal you might think, but he was the best ting about it.  Russel Howard is a close second, but he is the only one that gets close.

Andy Parsons is rubbish, just a bald guy with a stupid voice, Hugh Dennis has one joke about paying too much for car insurance.  You can guarantee that if Rory Bremner is on there, at least once an episode he will impersonate Nelson Mandela.

Dara O’Brian or O’Breeen as its apparantly pronounced is good, but he would be better in the stand up side.

I just hope that Frankie goes on to do other good things, his stand up is brilliant, but he had better not turn into Jim Davidson or Roy Chubby Brown.

Now I am just being angry for the fun of it, just like the man himself.

Stop The Pigeon

28 10 2009

That was our Team name at the quiz last night.  We did very well on the music round 8 1/2 out of 9.  It would have been 9 had they been a bit kinder with their marking. The picture round fell into our favour too, being name the airlines from their plane tail markings.  Between us we had been on over 10 of them.

In the quiz proper we did alright too.  Laura got 5 out of 5 on the Pseudonym round. Do you know what Demi Moore’s real name is?  Nope nor did I.

We won by 4 points in the end, which is really good considering we thought that there would be a lot of people getting high scores.  Just goes to prove that Andy’s knowledge of cheesy pop music does coem in useful.

Morrissey and Mushrooms

27 10 2009

Originally uploaded by andyspex

Yesterday I was supposed to be going to see Morrissey, but as the fragile old soul collapsed at the weekend, I didn’t get to go. As I had the afternoon booked off I decided that I would go into the woods with H and take some photo’s. We went to Hundred Acres (Not where Winnie the Pooh lives), and I came across a load of red and white Toadstool’s and Mushrooms. I am really liking the macro feature and manual focus on this, as you can get some really superb close up detail.

Dinner Parties and Orchids

26 10 2009

On Saturday night H and I drove up to Thame in Oxford to have a dinner party with the Smyles’ and their friends Hayley and Aiden.  They had pulled out all the stops and the food was beautiful with wine matched to each of the 4  courses.

First up was a Pumpkin and Chorizo soup, followed by a Game Stew (Pigeon, Partridge and Pheasant) with seasonal vegetables.  Then there was either a cheesecake or a rhubarb trifle, or if you are me, both and then a cheese course.  The conversation was good, but dominated by both Formula 1 (Aiden works for Brawn GP, so is technically part world champion) and Babies, which as H is a midwife was her fault.

We eventually went to bed at a very tired 3am.

The next morning we had a leisurely breakfast and some cheesecake before H and I went to the Living Rainforest again.  When we had got our ticket last time it came with a free years pass, so we had a look around, and I took loads of photo’s of orchids and Butterflies, which can be seen on Flicker, just click the side bar you know what to do.

Living Rainforest

25 10 2009

Living Rainforest

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I will write about this more tomorrow.


23 10 2009


Originally uploaded by andyspex

For some reason, this photo has been getting loads of views on flicr. No idea why, but I thought you might like to know.

Parkour Coincedence

22 10 2009


Originally uploaded by andyspex

This was taken at Love Albert Road day, and this photo is part of a random coincedence. The guy taking a photo the other side is called Tom. We know each other through Afro Aid and meet fairly regularly at gigs that we goto.

Anyway, I posted this to a Flickr group, and got a comment from some random flickr user. Turns out it was Tom, and he had the same photo from the opposite angle. Sadly, his is better than mine.


21 10 2009

A while back I was at Flat 6 with Afro Aid, Andy and Stu watching the Graduate.  Dave was there too.  For some reason this film (a classic) made Dave Irate, really really angry.  He wanted to leave twice but we told him it was a good film which it is.  Still he hated the film, and it turns out that he has no empathy for the character of Dustin Hoffman and he hates the female lead for going back to him even though he has treated her like an idiot.

Anyway, last saturday the Daily Fail  was giving away a copy of the film free on DVD, so we all bought a copy.

Last night at the pub Quiz we decided to give them to him, we cunningly hid them in his coat pockets while he was at the bar, and then called ourselves Check Your Pockets Dave.

He didn’t find it funny.


20 10 2009

I really have run out of things to talk about today.  My head is full of cold and my sinuses are blocked, which is rubbish.

Sorry about that.