En Suisse

10 04 2008

Greetings from wet windy and rainy Crassier, the small town near to Geneva and Nyon where our head office is based.

I stayed in Lausanne last night, which I quite like and had a quiet meal and a drink with some friends.  As we drove to the office, thre was a debate about the state of global warming (Its never rained this hard here before) and the fact that there is no new music available in Switzerland.  This was mentioned after Your Woman by White Town had come on the radio.  The one hit wonder from the mid 90s, that I havnt heard since then.

After breakfast of bread and honey, I now have to get down to a days work.  Bear in mind this I have been in the office since 7 (6 UK time) and I didnt have a good nights sleep.

Tonight we are out for a meal and drinks for Juliens leaving party.  He is leaving the company to travel the world without using a plane.  He intends on going through Ukraine, Kazaksthan, Afghanistan and over the Himalayas.  Bloody good luck to him…I am so jealous.

Au revoir



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