21 10 2009

A while back I was at Flat 6 with Afro Aid, Andy and Stu watching the Graduate.  Dave was there too.  For some reason this film (a classic) made Dave Irate, really really angry.  He wanted to leave twice but we told him it was a good film which it is.  Still he hated the film, and it turns out that he has no empathy for the character of Dustin Hoffman and he hates the female lead for going back to him even though he has treated her like an idiot.

Anyway, last saturday the Daily Fail  was giving away a copy of the film free on DVD, so we all bought a copy.

Last night at the pub Quiz we decided to give them to him, we cunningly hid them in his coat pockets while he was at the bar, and then called ourselves Check Your Pockets Dave.

He didn’t find it funny.


Lied To.

6 05 2009

Im sure that you have all seen the massive phenomeon that was Jurassic Park, the film that came out in 1993 based on the book by Michael Crichton, which is actually quite dramatic, and made for a good study in my GCSE English coursework.

Anyway, now 16 years later, I have finally found out that we have been lied to.  On a major scale.  2 highly influential members of the media arts society have dragged the viewing and reading public up the garden path.   

Velociraptors, the big scary dinosaurs that hunted in packs, were actually the size of poodles, and had feathers.  The dig at the start of the film was supposed to have been based in Montana, while the smaller Velociraptor mongoliensis (as mentioned in the book) was actually from Mongolia.  The clue is in the name there I’m afraid.

Rant over and only 16 years too late.  Have a nice day.

Bank Holiday Weekend With The Mysterious H.

5 05 2009

It was a bank holiday this weekend which was great, and I got to spend it with the Mysterious H, who you may or may not find out more about. At the moment The Mysterious H is at the moment an abstract concept in your minds and will remain so for the forseeable future.

Anyway on Friday night I broke my duck of going to the cinema this year, and after a swift change of plan went to see The Boat That Rocked, the new Richard Curtis Film about 1970s Pirate Radio, and I have to say, it is brilliant, by far the best film I have seen in a while, mind you that may have something to do with the amazing soundtrack, or it could have something to do with the brilliance of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Either way, this was a very funny film, and I enjoyed it enormously.

On Saturday myself ant the Mysterious H took a walk around one of the nicer parts of Southampton (There you go, another piece of information, H has legs), the Royal Victoria Country Park and had an ice cream in the sun while argueing about The Shawshank Redemption (my point of view overrated, everyone elses apparantly one of the best films ever made). Then to Sunday where I took H on a mystery tour of the Dorset coastline, taking in the picturesqe Lulworth cove and the staggering sight of Durdle Door, which is still one of my favourite places. All of this is now part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site, and as it was a bank holiday, completely rammed with people, didn’t stop us enjoying a lovely picnic on the beach in the (kind of) sun. Stopping for a well earned pint of Guiness on the way home we headed back a lot more tired than when we started.

Monday bought about an easy day just mooching about and heading to the most exciting thing to hit Southampton in a long time, Ikea. Just wandering around the shop is quite nice, especially when you can get Daim bar cake, which is amazing stuff. After this we settled down to watch and get annoyed at MTV2’s greatest albums since MTV began. I know that music is an incredibly subjective topic, but is What Ever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not by the Arctic Monkeys really better than White Lines by Massive Attack, Metallica by Metallica or the Bends. Especially in the last case, it really isn’t. Unsurprisingly this particular best of was topped by Nirvana, but what do you expect really, this is MTV (the judging panel included one of the Wombats for f**Ks sake). OK Computer was 2nd which was alright, although myself and judge Sean Keavney (6 Music) both don’t think that this is Radioheads best album.

So after my long weekend I had to say goodbye, and I know that the Mysterious H will turn up again soon.

Rockys Eyebrows

26 01 2008

I have never been the biggest boxing fan, and most definately never been the biggest Sylvester Stallone fan (I seem to remember a really bad musical called Oscar, but I might have made that up), so it came as a surprise to me tonight when I ended up watching Rocky Balboa, the 6th installment of the franchise.  It definately wasn’t for the acting, Sly’s monologues just go on for a while with a bit of grunting.

Anyway, I realised what had sucked me in.  Its sheer car crash and a spot of rubber necking, but Sylvester Stallones Eyebrows are unbelieveable.  Perfectly maintained, but so out of place on his face.  For some reason they curl around the side and end up at the bottom of the eye. 

A little bit random, so sorry about that, but I thought it was quite interesting.