25 01 2010

I really have been neglecting this site, but then again I have been busy at work.  Not really busy doing a lot outside of work though.   Fatbob and Bimbo did come down last weekend and we went for a curry, attempted to go to HMS Victory, but it rained and then got tipsy with May-Z. 

I also appear to have writers block back again.


Please Ignore the Post Below

8 09 2008

Its crap, don’t read it.


23 04 2008

I think I am in danger of turning into a hermit. I actually can’t remember the last time that I went out of the house that wasn’t to the shops or to work.

I really should sort this out. I might go out tonight but as I havn’t heard whether the housemate is going or not, I probably won’t. Yet another night of my youth wasted….

No wonder I don’t have anything exciting to tell y’all. (In honour of Dev and KP who are just back from the Lone Star State).

Not the best time to have Writers Block

16 04 2008

At the moment I am suffering from writers block, you may be able to tell, my posts on here have been crap and infrequent.  So now when I have to come up with a 1200 word article for the Timber Trade Journal (Don’t mock me, its a well respected publication in the UK timber market) I find that I am struggling a lot. 

I do tend to find that I over research, leaving myself with too short a time to actually write the thing.  Chances are because I have to write this I will post on here a few times over the next few days.

Oh, one more thing, something that really made me question the intelligence of our postman.  Yesterday, through our letterbox we received a flyer for 20% off a conservatory for your home.  I live in a 2nd floor flat, so unless its got stilts, I dont think there is any way that I will be having a conservatory.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet

20 03 2008

You are going to have to bare with me for a bit, I seem to have writers block and everything I write is turning out crap at the moment, so I will post once I have some intelligence ex-lax.