15 11 2012

I’m feeling slightly guilty that I haven’t updated this blog for a while, it’s looking slightly neglected.

As you may know I recently go married to H, which is probably more exciting to me than it is to you.  Anyway, for our Honeymoon we went to Indochina on a G adventures tour for 3 weeks.  A lot of poeple have asked why we went on a group tour for our honeymoon, there are a lot of reasons.

Firstly, we wanted to go somewhere different, and this tour let us do it in the best way. Secondly, it takes all of the hassle of trying to get to different places, if we had been on our own we would have still been at the Cambodian Border wondering which queue we should get in.  Thirdly, and probably most importantly, if we had gone on our own for 3 weeks, we probably would have ended up divorced, travelling with a partner can be stressful.

It was a gamble, as we could have been in a group with 15 18 year olds on their “Gap Yah, looking for the cultural, spiritual and the best Cash to Lash ratio” (search youtube for Gap Yah to understand that reference).  As it turned out, we hit the jackpot, we had a great group of people led by Chen, who was brilliant.

We spent 24 hours in Bangkok before travelling across the border into Cambodia.  We spent 6 days there Seeing the sights of Phnom Penh, the beaches of Sihanoukville and the incomparable wonder of Angkor Wat (which I could have spent 6 days in on it’s own).

From Cambodia we went into Vietnam for 14 days where a world of night trains, long days, stunning scenery and beaches awaited us, topped of by a day cruising and Kayaking in Halong Bay and a night in a 5 star hotel in Hanoi.

Altogether this was a brilliant 3 weeks in which we both fell in love with the region and we both can’t wait to go back again.

Sorry it’s short, I’ll write again soon.  I promise.


Updates on my Life version 4

15 11 2012

This first part was written on 16th of Feb 2007, and the 2nd on the 13th August 2008, the third was the 26th May 2010.


For some reason I was thinking what I was doing a decade ago:

I was at college studying English Language, P.E. and Law.

I had a part-time job at Homebase

I was listening to Radiohead OK Computer, Blur by Blur, the Fat of the Land by the Prodigy.

I learnt to drive and had a brown Mini, with a tape player that I used to make tapes for

I rode my mountain bike, that summer I was doing 200 miles a week

I used to play roller hockey with my mates Lee and Nick

I first went to the pub

I got mugged

I  lived with my parents


A decade has gone by now and what the hell has changed in my life.  I finished College with 2E’s and an N.  I lost all faith in the English legal system as a result.  I went to university and started studying forestry, which I then changed to get a 2:2 in Geography.

I work for a charity called the Tropical Forest Trust, having left Homebase after 8 years.

I have actually just listened to tracks off of all of those albums on my mp3 player

I still have no claims and now drive a Ford Fiesta, I long for the day that I can afford to buy a mini as a 2nd car

My mountain bike hasn’t been out of the shed for 3 years

I had to get rid of my blades, and Lee and Nick are both married.  Lee lives in Chichester and Nick lives in Aberdeen.

I still enjoy going to the pub

Haven’t been mugged since

Due to a series of unfortunate incidents I am back living with my parents

So have I developed as a person in 10 years, I really hope so.  Who knows!  Am I better off?  Yes, but I’m buying a flat, so that’s going out of the window.  I’m certainly more world wise, I know that.

So why am I thinking all of this?  I have no idea, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  That and the fact that I’m sat at home on a Friday night alone is also a kickback to 10 years ago.

13th August 2008

After problems at work, and my role changing I have left the TFT, and am currently temping in a metal factory.  I have an interview today for a job that I don’t really want and am not that confident of getting anyway.

I haven’t bought any music since May, which is really sad, and it’s probably been that long since I went to a gig too.

I still have no claims and now drive a Ford Fiesta, I long for the day that I can afford to buy a mini as a 2nd car.  My car is however gradually falling apart.

My mountain bike is on the landing, and I ride it regularly.  I am in the early stages of training to ride from Lands End to John O’Groats (or the other way around).

I had to get rid of my blades, and Lee and Nick are both married.  Lee lives in Chichester and has a Kid called Evelyn Louise, and Nick lives in Aberdeen.

I still enjoy going to the pub but haven’t been for a while.

I own my own flat with the Housemate, although depending on finances in a few months I may have to move back in with the parents and rent out my room.

So there you go, just a quick update, not sure what will happen in another 18 months time.  I will keep you informed.


26th May 2010

I am now 30.  Woo hoo, where did that time go.  The last 18 months has flown by.  The biggest thing in my life is that I am engaged to H.  This came as a bit of a surprise to me, but I really couldn’t be happier about it.

I have been working at the University of Portsmouth doing Admin work, I don’t particularly enjoy it, but in the current economic climate a job is better than no job.  I also really like the people, which helps more than you can imagine.

I am still buying Music, most recently that fantastic High Violet by the National.

Still no claims on the car.  It is however still falling apart.

H and I go out on our bikes whenever the sun is out, and we are enjoying getting fitter together.

For a year I had a decent quiz team that would go to the pub every Tuesday, however that has tailed off now that one has moved to London, the Boy Lord has moved to Korea, and Ahab is going back to sea.

I didn’t have to move back home, but a move is on the cards as H and I look to move in together before the wedding.  We have set a year, so 2012 it is.

I have taken up photography as a hobby instead of more energetic pursuits.

All in all I can conclude that my life is pretty darn good now.  Much better than it has been in previous years.


15th November 2012

I’m 32 now! Turning 30 really wasn’t as bad as I thought.  In fact it’s quite a long time ago now. I’m married to H and we had a lovely day back in Summer.  We have just come back from our Honeymoon to Indochina.

Surprisingly, I’m still at the university in the same job.  So much for only being there a year.  Still, I like the people that I work with, even if it’s not the best job in the world.

I’m still buying music, although I now download.  Most recently Jackamo Brown (I highly recommend this album).

Still no claims on the car, but now it is a Toyota Corolla rather than the Fiesta.

Not been to the quiz for ages.  The Boy Lord is still in Korea.

H and I now own the flat that I used to share with The Housemate.  It’s serving our purposes for now.  It certainly feels more homely than it did.  Hopefully we will move next year.

I’m still taking photographs and shunning exercise. I should probably update this more too.
What do you know, I’m still happy.  I’ll probably update this in a few more years.

Mental Couple of Months.

10 08 2012

Ahoy, it’s been a while (again). I make no apologies, because I have been really busy. Here are some of the things that I haven’t had time to write about.

Firstly, my Wedding (I got married on the 27th July) and the amazing day that we both had. I know that everybody says that about their wedding, but it was true.

Secondly, my Stag do(s). The first to St. Davids in Wales, where a group of my best friends (women included) organised a weekend getaway. The second was to 2000 Trees festival, which I loved despite the mud and having to leave early. 4 of us went to that.

After the wedding came the honeymoon (or mini-moon as we only went for 3 days) to Paris. We did the usual touristy stuff, but also some other bits and pieces that we wanted to, like the Catacombes under Montparnasse cemetary, and Pere Lechaise to see the graves of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Modigliani.

All of this is on top of the busy period in the office with graduations and new student admissions.

It’s still going to be busy for the next few monts, but I will try and write a bit more. In 3 weeks we are going to The End of The Road Festival, which is our wedding present from my group of excellent friends. Then in 7 weeks, we have the honeymoon proper, which we booked yesterday. We are heading to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for 21 days. Which will be amazing.

All in all, I’m having fun at the moment. I hope that you are too.

Worst Book I Have Ever Read.

25 04 2012

I have just finished Assassins Creed: Renaissance by Oliver Bowden, it is without doubt the worst book that I have ever read.  I am not going to go into why.

The only reason that I picked it up was because I wanted something easy to read and to be fair it did look quite exciting.  I guess that will teach me to read a book based on a computer game


23 04 2012

Just a quick one.  I love Berlin, it is a fantastic city.  I have been there a couple of times, but I have just found another reason to go back.

The Currywurst Museum.

As a snack food, Currywurst rules.  Infact we ate it twice when we were at the German Christmas market in Edinburgh in December.  I don’t know what it is about it, it is just great.

Cycling to Work

19 04 2012

I really didn’t realise that it had been so long since I had written anything here, which just goes to prove that not a lot has happened.  Well apart from the trip to Wales.

Recently, in an effort to get fit, I bought a new bike, a road bike so that I could ride to work.  I know that this is against all of my Mountain Biking heritage, but I just need something that will be a bit easier, and the skinny tyres do help a lot.  Now the bike is nothing spectacular, it was the only bike that I could afford in the size that I needed, plus I got a load of Nectar points buying through Amazon (better Christmas presents for my family now).

My plan is to ride the 5.75 miles to work as often as I can, both to get fit and save money.  So far it has rained more often than not, so I haven’t got as much use as I wanted.  When I do go in though, it takes me about 27 minutes, which would be shorter if it weren’t for all of the pesky traffic lights and the level crossing that is bound to have a train coming when I need to be passing it.

It is quite good to see so many people riding to work, I invariably pass the same people going in the opposite direction every day, and they are a right miserable bunch.  None of them ever smile, it is probably my fault, why would they want to smile back at someone gurning like a fool.  But I find cycling a happy experience, I enjoy it, and it makes me smile.  I quite understand people on their way to work being miserable, but surely they must be able to think back to the fun that they had on their bikes when they were kids.  I can, and to me my bike still means fun and freedom, even if it is tempered by the fact that I have to spend the next 8 hours a day sat behind a desk in a soul sucking job.

Normally in a car my trip to work takes about 20 minutes, I would much rather spend another 8 on my bike, getting some fresh air.  It really helps that over half of my ride is on cycle lanes.  I wish it was more though.

The Longest Month

26 01 2012

January has seemed to last for ever.  I suppose this has something to do with the fact that I was last paid on 23rd December, which by the time I get paid next Monday (31st) will be nearly 6 weeks ago.

I was paid before Christmas, so I had that and New year to go through, which seems like a hell of a long time ago now.  We have also been up to Worcester for a weekend to see some friends.  I am sure that we have done more but I can’t remember it.

I know that I have spent a lot of time reading, which is why I have read 5 books this month, including two of the George RR Martin Song Of Ice and Fire series.  That is 1600 pages right there. (Still have 3 more to go)  If I carry on at this rate I should clear my book shelves by June.

Tonight though I am going to my first gig of the year, Reel Big Fish at the Pyramids Centre in Portsmouth, which is probably the worst venue in the country.  Because it is next to a heated swimming pool it smells of Chlorine and is about 50 degrees. The gig should be good though, and I am going with Adrian who has come back from South Korea for a two week holiday before he starts teaching there again.

I’s no wonder January has Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.  It’s because like me, most people want the month to end.


9 01 2012

The Twitter reading list continues.  After reading Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese (now I can’t help thinking about a White Bear), I was then chosen The Great Gatsby (by @Teawithlemon) which suprised me by being actually pretty good.  I have an uneasy relationship with Classic Literature and books that are so-called must reads.  More often than not I end up not finishing them but only after I have struggled with them for a while, as in the case of Moby Dick by Hermann and On the Road.

Anyway, digressing a bit there.  The outcome is that the next book is Game of Thrones by George RR Martin (chosen by @onedrunkbrit), a book that I have been meaning to read for a while.  Its 800 pages long, so it will probably take a while to get through.  What I have read of it so far has been excellent, but I may be basing that on the fact that I loved the TV series and I can visualise the characters.  It will be good to see how close an adaptation this was.

I also have a hashtag now #choosemyreading2012

Twitter Reading

2 01 2012

It always takes me so long to pick the books that I am going to read, so I came up with a good idea (possibly) and that is for other people to tell me what to read.  The idea came from the Dice Man where I would make 6 choices and then put it up to fate (well, my followers on Twitter to decide what I read for the coming year).

Here is what happens, I take a photo of the 6 books that I can’t decide between, this way I can at least make sure that I read series in the correct order) and then put it on Twitter.  The first reply that I get telling me what to read, is what I read.  Simple.

It’s working out so far.  The 1st book that was chosen was Adventures on the High Teas by Stuart Maconie, and the 2nd is a book about odd science experiments called Elephants On Acid.

I’ll keep you informed about how this turns out. 

If you want to join in @andyspex


24 12 2011

Cav won the BBC Sports Personality of the year and deservedly so. He was typically humble in his acceptance too.

Afterwards Michael Caught said that loads of kids would want to be him. That isn’t strictly true, I want to be him as well and he is 6 years younger than me.