29 09 2008

I ahve been bunged up with cold this weekend, even though the weather was fantastic.  I had been looking forward to another long ride this weekend, but made it to my parents and had to stop for a while before riding back again. 

The problem is that the cold has gone to my lungs and I am worried that it will turn into another chest infection.  I have had to start taking the steroid inhalers again (that I really don’t want to) and a visit to the Asthma clinic is in order.

Anyway in the afternoon I watched the football, the Liverpool derby is always worth watching and then was quite annoyed that Arsenal lost to Hull (I wanted them to keep up the pressure to make the title race a little interesting). 

On Sunday I went for a stroll along the beach while the indian summer lasts, and then watched Pompey beat Tottenham.  Spurs looked like a team that were already beaten from the start, they didn’t seem to have the desire, and had Ekhoto at Left back been playing against anyone better than Glen Little (terrible player, luckily we got him for free) then we could have got more.  Diarra was stupid to get sent off though, but the Housemate made the prediction that he would after 5 minutes as he seemed to be a bit fired up (bad news for my Fantasy league team).

Anyway, there you go, my nose is still running and I want to get rid of this sodding cold.

Driving Stats

26 09 2008

My Drive to work

  • Average time taken-15 minutes
  • Number of miles-5
  • Sets of Traffic Lights-14
  • Average time spent at Traffic Lights- 8 minutes

On my drive to work I spend more time sat still than I do driving, and I don’t really live in the middle of a city.  I should start riding my bike.


25 09 2008

I am going to sign up to do a free language course today through the university.  Through the Institution Wide Language Programme I have the choice of French, German, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Portugese as well as sign language.  I think that I will do a beginners course in Russin first, as I have been thinking about doing the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

Anyway I will have to do 2 hours of lectures a week with a 1 hour online session, and I am supposed to do 3 hours of practice a week too.  I should be able to keep this up as I don’t really do a lot else of an evening.  So there you go, just thought that I would let you know.

I Like Hip-Hop…I Really Do…Honest

23 09 2008

I went to see Gym Class Heroes again last night, and they were great (Their cover of When Does Cry could have been Prince), but this isn’t about them, this is about the support act.  A UK Hip-Hop act called Professor Green.  Now, as the title says I like Hip-Hop and going to see some properly done was great (Ghostface and Raekwon) but last night was just dire.

The problem was that most of the kids in the room were probably gig virgins (and the fact that Portsmouth isn’t really a Hip-Hop city), so amid the whooping and hollering and buying all the merchandise was a white guy rapping (badly) about being a dealer and having no money.  Every cliche in the book was dragged out, we were asked to put up our guns, the room was split in half so we could try and out-do the the other side with our Hey’s and Ho’s and to put out mutha-f****ng hands in the air if we smoke weed.

I am glad that I wasn’t the only one that thought he was crap, because he really was.


22 09 2008

This weekend had some lovely weather, perfect for cycling, nice and warm and no wind, so on Saturday I decided to get some more milage under my belt.  I ended up riding from my house to Bognor which is about 50 miles there and back.  Its a good ride, and fairly flat, but the best thing was that I didn’t feel tired and then had I not been going out on the Sunday, would have done some more miles. 

The reason that I am doing this is that I am going to ride John O’Groats to Lands End next year (JoGLE), but also because I need to get back to some form of Aerobic fitness.  I had a chest infection earlier in the year and still don’t feel quite right in the breathing department.  Still, this weekend tested them out ghood and proper.

Thinking about this I am getting quite excited now.

Bring on the Second Leg

19 09 2008

OK, Pompey did it, a great 2-0 win at home last night.  Now we just have the task of not losing 3-0 during the away leg. 

The performance was probably one of the best that I have seen from us, and Diarras goal was a classic.  OK, we were lucky with their penalty hitting the bar, and Defoes penalty was a bit rubbish (Obviously he was never told as a schoolboy to follow up on your run just incase) but he looked lively and dangerous all night.

Other good points from the night included Belhadj down the left who is looking a little useful (I hope that we sign him properly at the end of his loan spell) and Armand Traore putting in another good performance, I suspect that he will be back on his way to Arsenal at the end of the season.

Player of the night though was Lassiana Diarra who was busy in midfield, making tackles when he needed to and taking play forward at every available opportunity.

Can’t wait for the 2nd leg in Portugal now, I wish I was going.


18 09 2008

As I sit at my desk eating my Greggs Chicken Mango sandwiches drinking my Dr Pepper, wondering why mylunchbreak has been reduced to this, I am happy in the Knowledge that I am being allowed out of work an hour early so that I can make sure that I get in in time to watch the football.  Got to love Flexi Time.

Yes, Portsmouth are in Europe for the first time, playing Vitoria Guimaraes who came 4th in the Portugese league ahead of Benfica.  I have an impending sense of doom that our foray into the UEFA cup could be a short one, but you never know, Harry has a decent team and they might surprise me. 

But I have my keg of beer and some friends coming over so it will be a good night, its a shame its on channel 5 though because the commentary will be crap.  Also the fact that it has to start at 6 is a bit of a bummer, luckily I will miss the traffic though.

Right lunch has finished now, i’ll see you later.

End Of The Road

16 09 2008

So, the End of the Road Festival.  How was it you ask, well it was great thanks.  Apart from the getting robbed of all of our cash while we were asleep, but I won’t dwell on that fact.

We laughed a lot this weekend, myself, Dev, KP and Ebby, we also saw some sriously good music.  The highlights were Bon Iver (Completely stole the show for me, so happy to be there, got the crowd going and sounded just brilliant), Mercury Rev (back and sounding superb, I got goosebumps when they did Goddess on a Hiway) and Bob Log III (He has to be seen to be believed, plays guitar and drums with both feet, but the best bit is that he wears a fighter helmet with a telephone stuck to the front so you can’t tell who he is).

There were some who were completely overrated Conor Oberst was the main offender, who just acted like a knob.  I had heard good stuff about Jeffrey Lewis but I wasn’t overly impressed.

Overall I really liked the festival, there were so many good small bands on and the atmosphere was great.  I am fairly sure that we were the only ones who were robbed, but in the end that didn’t really matter.  We had food and Booze so managed to keep going.  Now I just need to catch up on some sleep.

So Much to Talk About, So little Time

11 09 2008

For the last few weeks I have had nothing really to say.  Now I have loads, and don’t have the opportunity to write about it.  So I will do it in bite size chunks here.

1)Lance Armstrongs comeback-Why?  I am a massive fan, but why come out of retirement to try and win Tour number 8.  If you lose it will sully the memory of a great champion.

2)Glasvegas-What an amazing album, I love it.  It makes songs about social workers and dead dads sound anthemic and uplifting.  Next years Mercury music prize please.  Really annoyed that I didn’t get tickets for their Wedgewood Rooms show.

3)The Mercury Music Prize- Well done Elbow, I am really pleased, they don’t get the credit they deserve and are thourghly nice chaps to boot.  Plus I am really glad Adele didn’t win.

4)Flobots- Their album Fights with Tools brings a socially conscious dimension to the Bling and ‘ho world of hip hop.  You wouldn’t see Fiddy rapping about the CIA killing Salvador Ayende would you!

5)The Large Hadron Collider-  I don’t really understand what it does, something to do with Boson’s that don’t exist I believe, but it does have a touch of the Dr Evils about it.  Pay me One Hundred Billion Dollars or I will unleash a “Black Hole”.  Mwah ha ha, Mw ha ha ha ha ha ha.

6)The End of The Road-Not because of Black Holes, but because its the festival that I am going to this weekend.  In the Rain.  Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band, Mercury Rev and Calexico headline the 3 days.  Really looking forward to Micah P Hinson British Sea Power, Bon Iver, The Pictish Trail and The Mountain Goats.

7)Stickboy-After hearing a track on Marc Riley on 6 Music I bought the album.  Its great.  I don’t know much about the fella but its one worth getting.

8)The new job is going well.  Not my ideal career choice, but the people that I work with are nice and the benefits are good.

There you go, short but informative, a bit like me. 



10 09 2008

I am beginning to get wanderlust again.  I am reading too many books about travelling, Batting on the Bosphorus being one of them and watching far too many documentaries about far flung corners of the world, I really enjoyed the new Charlie Boorman series on sunday, and the legend that is Bruce Parry is back next Monday night with his Amazon series.  Each one has a sense of adventure and appeals to me so much that I want to just get out there and leave everything behind for a few years. 

Sadly, money being what is needed is short, my change of job really didn’t help and come December the Mortgage lenders are going to be taking the shirt off my back.  Still it doesn’t stop me planning things. 

In the past few weeks I have been looking at holidays.  I have seen 2 that really appeal to me.  One is an overland tour of Jordan that is mostly cycling, and the Vodka train through Russia to Beijing.  Both would be really great but not sure if I will be able to afford either.  I might just settle for a long weekend in Helsinki…