Gainful Employment

13 08 2008

Since I posted this morning I had an interview for a job that I was unsure of.  I got it.  So I start work on Monday at Portsmouth University.  There are some great perks with this in that I get an NUS card and 30 days holiday.


Anyway off to the pub for some celebrations.

Getting Out of the House

15 07 2008

I have had a few weeks sat around doing nothing, and it was really beginning to get to me.  Then I went to Spain and the sitting had got worse.  Now things are starting to perk up, I have a few days work in a warehouse this week and possibly some next week, as well as a day corporate eventing.

The best news is though that I have an interview for the good job that I wanted.  But thats not until the 30th.  Still its a good start.



27 06 2008

So, I didnt get the job, it would have been nice, but there you go.

I know that I couldn’t have done any more at the interview, I interviewed well said the guy breaking the news, but they have gone for someone who has relevant experience.  Why is relevant experience so necessary anyway?  I am an intelligent guy (or I like to think that I am) and I could have picked up the job easily enough, but I would have probably had to ask some more questions of people.

That is why they go for relevant experience then… to have a quiet life.