23 04 2012

Just a quick one.  I love Berlin, it is a fantastic city.  I have been there a couple of times, but I have just found another reason to go back.

The Currywurst Museum.

As a snack food, Currywurst rules.  Infact we ate it twice when we were at the German Christmas market in Edinburgh in December.  I don’t know what it is about it, it is just great.



24 05 2011

I have just come back from a week in France, but to be honest, I don’t really have that much to repot.  It was nice and relaxing, apart from the first day (after a night on a ferry with no sleep) where we rushed around the D-Day beaches, to give H a brief over-view of what happened.  To be honest, touring those sites is emotionally draining, especially after no sleep. 

After that we went down to our farmhouse in Hirel on the Baie de Mont St Michel.  Just across the road from the beach, the house was large enough to sleep about 20, and incredibly comfortable.  We went to Mont St Michel on one of the days, but the main thing was the food and wine.  We ate far too much (mainly seafood) and drank too much too, but we were also quite active, going for long walks on the beach and bike rides.

We had oysters straight from the quayside at Cancale, and mussles from the bay, as well as the best piece of Pork that I have ever had (the cheek, cooked in local cider). 

All of my Photo’s are on Flickr, and I will add some to my photo blog in the next week.

Good stuff.  I did add another couple of books to my reading list though:

Cant be Arsed by Richard Wilson

The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell

Marrakech – Pt. 1

1 03 2010

Its funny how your opinion of a place can change. Let me tell you a story…

I am a light sleeper anyway, and when I have something to get up early for I may as well give up on sleep. Its what I should have done the night before we flew to Marrakech. We left my flat at about quarter past 4 to check in and catch our 8.30 flight to be in Morocco by 11.30am. Come 11.30 we were still on the runway. On most planes this is a bad thing , but on an easyjet sardine tin, it is a nightmare. What happened was the pilot made a joke. It went something along the lines of this:

Posh Pilot: Welcome to this Easyjet flight to Marrakech, our journey will take 6 hours.

Passengers: Gasp

Posh Pilot: Only Joking its 3 hours and 15 minutes.

2 minutes later a warning light had come on in the cockpit and a crew was being dispatched to fix it and fill out paperwork in sextuplet. All the while this was happening the cabin was getting hotter and hotter, as we had just left our stand from the runway, a passenger fainted, and we had to go back to our stand while he was taken off t=of the flight much to his annoyance, he wanted to go on holiday and so did we.

Eventually we got into the air and having been sat down for 6 hours we were finally in a wet and rainy Marrakech. Passing through passport control is never exciting, but this one seemed to take three timedsas long as any others I have encountered, luckily our airport transfer was there, and I have to say that it was the best thing that I could have done, entering the city for the first time, is like another world, and there would have been no way in the world we would have found our Riad.

So we went for a walk around the Djemma el-Fna, and I found it to be busy and loud and I was being hasseled everywhere I turned, I put this down to being hungry though, so we had some food, and I tried Tagine for the first time and really enjoyed it.  To be honest, I wasn’t enjoying Marrakech though, and after another terrible nights sleep I had decided that I hated the place.

Our first morning there we had a nice breakfast of bread (the Moroccan flatbread is really nice, I could have eaten it all day) and honey with Mint Tea and we then decided to go out and see some things.  First we headed to the Bahia Palace.  Something about this new morning had changed my opinion, maybe it was the tea, or the fact that it was sunny and warm, or the fact that the colours were bright and cheerful, or there were oranges on the trees, but I started to settle down, and the Palace was a good place to start.  This had taken 14 years to build from the 1860’s and its mosaic and fretwork is simply stunning, and with its fountains and courtyards is an oasis of calm inside the manic city.

From here we went to the Dar Si Said, for more amazing architecture and a look at some Moroccan art.  In the afternoon we had our first real look at the Djemma from the terrace of one of the cafe’s.  Seeing the Snake charmers, acrobats and story tellers gave a whole different perspective on the place, by now I was beginning to enjoy myself.  Even more so when the restaurant stands started turning up.  Over the course of about 30 minutes, the square went from being emptyish to being full of food stands and cooking and wonderful smells, we headed into one of them where I had the best Calamari that I have ever eaten.   After yet another mint tea we headed back to the hotel in a much better fram of mind and went to bed having my mind changed over the course of 12 hours in the city.

Cathedrals and Abbeys

8 09 2009

On Friday evening myself and H drove up to Worcester for what seems like the first time in ages for me (and the first time ever for H), where we were staying at Fatbob and Bimbo’s.  We were joined later in the evening by Dev, but not KP, who sadly had to look after the escapologist cat Frank (He escaped with a big anti-scratch collar on) and had some curry, made by Jackie abley assisted by Fatbob. 

We later headed into town  to the Hand in Glove pub for a few beers and were joined by Treble Cleff and Pete, where our usual talking rubbish insued until about 2 before we turned in for the evening.

Worcester CathedralThe next morning, slightly worse for wear, we had a sausage sandwich and then took a wander down by the river to show H the cathedral.  It turned out that there was a food fair going on, but as you had to pay £6 to get in, we decided against that one and headed inside for a bit of a look around.  It is an impressive building and I hadn’t been in there since my graduation, so it was nice to have a decent look around in there, including the Crypt.  After this we headed back and had a game of Trivial Pursuit before heading to the Marwood for an evening meal.

More impressively than the fact that they had Brew Dog Lusty Blonde on Tap, which is ace, the food was spectacular.  For starters I had 6 Garlic King Prawns.  For the Main I had a Steak cooked beautifully rare with Honey Roast Vegetables and Fat Chips (basically half chip and half roast potato, all very tasty).  Desert was a Chocolate and Pistacio fudge cake with Lemon Sorbet.  I left feeling full, but wanting more.

The best desert was H’s Pannacotta, which had popping candy on the top.  Very nice indeed.  We had a good long meal, but called it an early night, as we seem to be getting too old for late-night exertions 2 days in a row.


Tewekesbury Abbey

On Sunday we had plans to visit Mack, Spanner and the sprog, so we went to Tewkesbury on the way to have a look at the abbey and the confluence of the Severn and Avon rivers.  Being geography geeks, this was a bit exciting for us.

Saying goodbye to Fatbob and Bimbo we headed towards Fairford for lunch at Chez Chick and then home.  All in all it was a good weekend, so that is even better.

60 Not Out

10 05 2008

Its my dads 60th tomorrow, so we went out for a meal with some of my parents friends to Rosies Wine Bar in Southsea.  I had a lovely meal, starting with Char Grilled Tiger Prawns and then, Whole Sea Bass in Coconut butter with Sauteed Potatos.  The prawns were delicious and the fish wasn’t bad either if a bit fiddly.  For desert I had a Passion Fruit Tart with red Berry Compote.  The flavours in this were excellent.

There was also a live Jazz Band  called the Freestyle Funk Collective (the female singer sounded great especially when doing the Brand New Heavies Covers) in the restaurant which added atmosphere, although the amount of wine that was drunk did enough of that anyway.  It was a very funny night and Dad was on top form joking about.  Anyway, happy birthday for tomorrow, i’ll see you for lunch.

Random Babblings

24 03 2008

Hello, I thought that I just write and see what happens, so I will update you all on a few things.

Firstly I have been spending way too much on music lately, I have bought Example, Cat Power, The Young Knives, The Best of the Spencer Davis Group (a bit of an impulse buy, because its got I am a man on it.  Its the song from the VW Polo advert with the singing dog, which makes me laugh.)  MGMT and Bat for Lashes.  I was going to reviw all of these, but in the end I couldnt do it for various reasons, I will just say that they are all pretty good, Oracular Spectacular by MGMT is the best musically, What we Made by Example has the best lyrics and Jukebox by Cat Power is the most dissappointing, as I was expecting it to be better.

Also on the Music front I went to see Buck 65 last week, I really wasnt up for it, which was a shame, because he was excellent.  The 2 support bands were rubbish though.  I felt quite sorry for the first guy, an MC, so he was the only one on the stage, and his microphone stopped working.  He looked absolutely panic stricken, and you can’t blame him. 

Buck was sporting some good facial hair and some really excellent tunes.  Yet again being an MC and the only one on stage he had surprising stage presence and was busting a few dance moves.  It was a good nights entertainment.

As for the Easter weekend, its been quite good.  I met up with Ebby on Friday and we had a nice meal out and then went to the cinema in the evening.  We saw Vantage Point, which wasn’t as bad as either of us thought it was going to be.  We then went back to mine and sat up drinking and watching crap TV before turning in for the night.  The next morning we didnt really do alot, but it was nice to sit and chat and everything felt far too comfortable.  Even me forcing Ebby to watch the football that I am sure she didnt really want to watch was quite nice, even if we did lose 2-0 to Spurs.

After I had dropped Ebby back at the station I went to the parents and cleared out a bit of the loft, and finally forced Mum to get rid of a load of crap that I have been saying to get rid of for a while.

Easter Sunday brought a nice meal at the parents followed by going round to some friends.  What followed we shall describe as drunken debaucherry. We finished off 3 bottles of spirits and I burnt my tounge on some flaming German stuff.  I got home at half one and passed out on the sofa after sending inappropriate but grammatically fine (considering I was wasted) text messages.  I eventually got to bed at 4 am.

I woke up this morning with no hangover, but with some stomach twisting and I was shaking like a nervous dog.  This has now subsided a bit and after a crispy chicken sandwhich and a packet of mini Creme Eggs. 

All through this I have been living the England Cricket Supporters nightly heart attacks, after a terrible first day and innings, the second got better with the collapse of the New Zealanders.  Then last night a great second innings started, we are firmly in the driving seat and should win the series.

Anyway, a bit random but there you go, loads has been going on, and my writers block doesn’t appear to have got any better.  Later. 

Busy Busy

4 03 2008

Its all go this week.  Last night was out with work, we went to Pizza Express to welcome the 2 new starters.  I had a really nice Pollo Con Fungi pizza that didnt have tomatoes on at all…mmmmm.  Talk swiftly moved to tropical diseases as it always does at this sort of thing, and talk of Dengue fever was rife.

Tomorrow night I am going to see the Futureheads at the wedgewood rooms, which should be good.  Thursday I am going to my sisters for her birthday (31st.  Take note AJ, its ok to say your real age) and we are going to have a Chinese with my parents.

On Friday it is the start of my sisters W.O.O.F, the Weekend of organised fun (Oh Joy!)  So to hers for 7pm for cocktails, then to a Thai restaurant.  After that back to hers for more cocktails and Singstar (Oh Joy again).  On Saturday morning wa are going for a round of adventure golf (No windmill,  so it can’t be crazy golf) and then breakfast at one of the cafes that does waffles.  So this week I am mostly going to be busy.