27 06 2008

So, I didnt get the job, it would have been nice, but there you go.

I know that I couldn’t have done any more at the interview, I interviewed well said the guy breaking the news, but they have gone for someone who has relevant experience.  Why is relevant experience so necessary anyway?  I am an intelligent guy (or I like to think that I am) and I could have picked up the job easily enough, but I would have probably had to ask some more questions of people.

That is why they go for relevant experience then… to have a quiet life.

A Bit of a Laugh

26 06 2008

If you need some amusement for the afternoon, click here.

I thought it was sunny anyway.

One Night in London

25 06 2008

Oh sweet jesus, what a night.  Me, my favourite band and 40000 other people in Victoria Park London.  To say that Radiohead are my favourite band is a bit of an understatement.  I have loved them since I first heard Creep in 1993.  Then The Bends in 1995 won its place in my heart as my favourite album with my favourite song Fake Plastic Trees.  This album was probably on heavy roatation on my stereo until about 2000.

I have never had the opportunity to see them live before (apart from the old VHS of Radiohead at the Astoria that I bought, and the Glastonbury coverage of 1997) so imagine my glee when Smyles said he had got me a ticket.  Yesterday on the way up excited wasn’t the word.  I knew that I would have to leave early so that I could get the last train home so that I could go to my interview this morning (It went ok by the way) but I was determined to make the most of it.

I decided that I was going to go to the Tate Modern first as I like it there and so I had a mooch around looking at the Roy Lichtenstein pop art and the Mondrian squares. After an hour of looking at the art (students) I took a walk up to the Barbican and met Smyles and Blob before we headed off to the gig.  We were going to get a pint first but there are no pubs on the way in, so we made do with the sangria stall at the Park.

Once we were in there, the stage was monstrous, proper festival size, but what struck me was the sound quality, no matter where we stood the sound quality was perfect, unlike the echoy bowl that is Wembely Stadium.

Bat for Lashes supported and did admirably despite the technical difficulties of all sound stopping and I enjoyed them too.  But then the main event started and it just blew me away.  For a proper review see Metro or the Times  I will just say that I wasn’t dissappointed, I thought that it was amazing.  Airbag is probably one of the best live tracks that I have ever heard and even though I left a song early this was probably the best gig that I have ever been to.  All of that even with the fact that they didn’t play thier big hits as most people are moaning about in the press, and the tunes that they did play were too melancolic for the setting.  So what,with playing as good as this it doesnt matter, I just wish that there were less people talking and barging through.

Steve, massive thanks for the ticket, I owe you more than one.

Very Few Rivals

22 06 2008

Last night I went to see Rival Schools at the wedge.  They are a band that I have wanted to see for years, but they had broken up.  Now they are back together to tour the rock festivals  (Download over here and 5 other dates) and there are rumours of a new album (which as they were playing some new tracks would seem to be true).

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to catch them live, all the energy from United by Fate is there on stage, and with pretty much the whole album being played it was an excellent set, with the stand out tracks being Undercovers On, High Acetate and Used for Glue.  Plus I now have a great new tour T-shirt.

Sorry its short, but I have a hangover and my ears are still ringing.

New Plans Look Great

18 06 2008

Pompey have ust released the latest pictures and plans for our new stadium, and it looks amazing.  The first design looked good, but that was shot down by the Navy bceause it encroached into their water.  This one will be built entirely on Navy owned land, but this time it will have their permission.  Have a look at the pictures here.  Hopefully the council will sort out the planning and allow this to be built, it will also have a conference center and arena, so hopefully a decent music venue.

Anyway its designed by the same people that have designed the Allianz arena Munich which is currently the best looking stadium about.  Until this is built anyway…

Good old MCC

18 06 2008

Yes, the MCC have decided that there is nothing wrong with the KP switching to his left handed slog sweep, and that is a good thing.  They decided that it is a high risk shot and will benefit the bowler as much as the batsman. 

Anyway, keep going KP, lets see a few more in the one dayer today and have another easy win over the Kiwis. 

KP Goes Lefty*

16 06 2008

KP goes leftyIf you have been following the circket and the one dayers between England and New Zealand, you would have probably heard the furore over the 2 audacious shots played by Kevin Pietersen where he changed from a right handed batsman to a lefty as the ball was leaving a bemused Scott Styris’ hand and sending it for six down the now leg side.

A lot of people have a lot of problems with this sort of thing mainly being the fact that the bowlers have to say whether they are going to bowl around or over the wicket, so surely it should follow that batsmen should do the same.

Hopefully the MCC and he ICC who are looking into his won’t ban it, because it is an amazing shot, that not everyone will be able to play. You can however guarantee that if he had been out whilst playing this shot first time, nobody would have said a word about it.  As a Hampshire fan, I have no doubt that KP will go onto be one of the games great batsmen and with shots like this, he will make others believe it too.

*Kevin Pietersen, not my friend KP