Your Fearless Leader

Thats meHi, I’m Andy, most of my friends call me Spex, which is a little nom de plume that I picked up at Uni. I live on the Independent Isle of Portsmouth where I own a flat, I am currently employed and fed up with it. This blog will probably include a cast of likely suspects who I know from varoius places, mostly from my time in the Woo, and random strangers that I have picked up along the way.

I am on a personal quest in my life to become an interesting person, I am not sure what form this will take, but I just want people to have interesting stories about me when I die, so for now its take all the opportunities that I can to become cultured and travel.  I lost a bet that I would get to 26 countries buy the time I was 26 but have now managed to get to 32.

I love to travel and am apparantly a music Nazi, so chances are these things will turn up in more than one blog.

I am quite a cynical person and so my rantings can be fairly irrational sometimes, but hey, its better to talk about it.  Expect some parts of this blog to be full of vitriol.

In my spare time I like nothing better than Football transfer speculation, Beauty and the Geek and a cup of Earl Grey.

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