The End of the Road

10 02 2011

Right, it has been a while since I last put anything on here, mainly because I haven’t done too much.  But now I have some thing to wright about.  It is the slow and torturous death of my car.

I have had the Fiesta for 11 years now, and to be honest, it is a bit like Triggers Broom (from Only Fools and Horses, where it has had 12 heads and 14 handles, but is still the same broom that he has had for 20 years).  It has had a new engine, new exhaust, more welding than the Eiffel Tower, brakes and discs replaces, new suspension coils, you name it, it has probably been done. 

The writing has been on the wall for a while though, it has had £600 spent on it this year, and more things kept going wrong, stupid niggly little things, like the 3rd heat setting didn’t work, and the CD player would only work for 3 minutes without jamming.  But it was my car and the 180,000 miles on the clock were mostly mine.  Now after an MOT failure of epic proportions, it is off to the scrap heap in the sky (well nutbourne) and I get £150.  Not quite enough to cover the new brakes that it needed in January.

I doubt that I would miss it as much as I miss the Mini (proper mini, not a BMW) that I had when I passed my test, but for the time being, what I do miss is my freedom.  I hate having to blag lifts off of people, its a throwback to when I was 15.  Hopefully it won’t be for too long, but I have to go through the hassle of trying to find  something that I can afford (which isn’t much) and something that has a years MOT on it.

So to the Fiesta that is going, “May your spare parts come in useful for something”.


Clamping Nazi’s

28 08 2009

H has been moving house recently, and although I had done most of the heavy lifting and shifting of the big stuff, there was still some bits and pieces at her old place.  So last night at 9pm she went over to move the remainder.

As her parking space is away from the front door and her flat on the first floor, she parked close to the lift with her hazard warning lights on, seats folded down, ready to just shove stuff in the boot.

After her second trip, she came back to find that she had been clamped, with the clamper just finishing doing up the lock.  When she asked him to take it off so that she could move her car he said that he “didn’t have the authority to do that”, despite holding the keys in his hand.

This strikes me as a bit unfair, and H, pleading as a woman on her own, loading a car was able to get the fine reduced to £50 from £160, and was told that she would probably get that back on appeal.  In that case, why do it in the first place.  Nobody had complained, nobody minded, so why do it.  Oh I know, its because they have been given a bit of power and enjoy spreading misery.

I could have ranted, but I can’t be bothered, its fighting a losing battle.

Thorpe Park

23 04 2009

I had taken the day off on Tuesday to head to Thorpe Park with The Housemate and the Flat 6 Boys, so off we headed early, only for our cunning plan to get there before the crowds to suffer a blow half way there. The Housemates Mid-life crisis mobile was struck with a double puncture whilst trying to avoid being hit by a lorry. Still could have been worse, could have been struck by a lorry. But the weather was good , and while we replaced one of the wheels, we had an hour to wait for the AA man who then replaced the other one.

Once we did eventually get to the park, it was really very quiet, we headed straight for Stealth, which takes you from 0-80 in 2 seconds. I have never felt acceleratioon like it, it was quite spectacular and an amazing start to the day.

Next up as it was getting a bit warm we got completely drenched on Tidal Wave, before going on the spin dryer that is Nemesis Inferno, and then to the worlds first 10 loop coaster, Colussus.

The best ride of the day though, and the best ride that I have ever been on was the new ride for this year, Saw. Its themed after the film series Saw, and without giving too much away, there is an unexpected indoor section, before you get to the big draw. The 100ft vertical lift, followed by a 100 degree drop. Yep, you actually go down hill upside down, before twisting, turning and looping your way back to the start. Even the fact that we had to queue for an hour didn’t stop this from being immense.

Afterwards we had another go on the Stealth, Nemesis Inferno and Colussus, before making the trip back home. Even though we didnt get there until late, what we did do was well worth the money.

The Continued Woes of a Ford Fiesta

3 04 2008

My car seems to be going through a series of rather unfortunate events at the moment, and I swear is on the way out.  This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I coud afford a new one.

Anyway today driving along the motorway my windscreen got hit by a flying boulder and along with scaring the bejeesus out of me, it left a chip that looks rather like a bullet hole in my window.

This is to go along with:

  • Damaged wheel hub that keeps deflating my tyre
  • Big dent in the back from the unfortunate incident with the Frontera
  • The problem that I hope is just the air filter which keeps stopping power
  • Rust all the way around the wheel arches
  • One of my speakers is playing up
  • The leak in my water squirter bottle
  • My rear windscreen wiper not working all the time

But then again, this car is over 10 years old now and has done nearly 200,000miles, mostly on motorways.  If it lasts me until I can afford something decent It will be doing well.  Still I keep praying for someone to steal it…

The Difficulty Of Straight Lines

12 03 2008

Yesterday I was stuck in the worst traffic jam I have ever been in.  I wouldn’t have minded, but it was on a straight bit of motorway!  I don’t understand how this keeps happening, its not as if people can lose control on a difficult corner.  The road was dry, if a bit windy.  How did the car end up rolling and hitting the barrier?

Anyway, I spent 6 hours in my car yesterday, saw the remains of 3 cars on different parts of the road.  2 of them were on fairly steep downhill sections, and at the time it was torrential rain. 

Anyway, straight line, stay in your lane, keep your distance, watch out for red lights in front.  Simple.


28 02 2008

10 years, 10 sodding years without hitting anything in my car, or the other way around.  Why then this morning did I have to go and reverse into that Vauxhall Frontera.  Luckily, there was no damage to that at all, but the boot of my car is all mangled.  I am really annoyed with myself, but to be fair it was camoflaged.  It was grey.  It was also raining and there was a grey fence behind it.  See Camoflaged. 

Doesn’t stop me feeling like a complete fool though.

As if my day couldn’t get any worse, I get to my office to find my old boss stood outside.  The one who I blame for forcing me to leave Homebase.  So I was accosted by him, only to find out that there is a Homebase regional meeting in the conference centre next to my office.  God knows who is in there but it could be bad.  Now they know where I work.  I think I may block up the windows. 

Evening update.  If things ouldn’t get worse, it truns out that I had left my lights on.  Cue having to find someone to jumpstart my car.  What a day, I am so glad its almost over.  Now I am watching the best of Tom Cruises crap films…Cocktail.  Legendary!