Clamping Nazi’s

28 08 2009

H has been moving house recently, and although I had done most of the heavy lifting and shifting of the big stuff, there was still some bits and pieces at her old place.  So last night at 9pm she went over to move the remainder.

As her parking space is away from the front door and her flat on the first floor, she parked close to the lift with her hazard warning lights on, seats folded down, ready to just shove stuff in the boot.

After her second trip, she came back to find that she had been clamped, with the clamper just finishing doing up the lock.  When she asked him to take it off so that she could move her car he said that he “didn’t have the authority to do that”, despite holding the keys in his hand.

This strikes me as a bit unfair, and H, pleading as a woman on her own, loading a car was able to get the fine reduced to £50 from £160, and was told that she would probably get that back on appeal.  In that case, why do it in the first place.  Nobody had complained, nobody minded, so why do it.  Oh I know, its because they have been given a bit of power and enjoy spreading misery.

I could have ranted, but I can’t be bothered, its fighting a losing battle.



26 08 2009

A while ago on Oz and James Drink Britain, I saw 2 guys from a little scottish brewery drinking Ale in a park with Oz Clark and James May.  It sounded interesting, but I swiftly forgot about it.

Punk IPA

Punk IPA

Then I went to the Southwick Brewhouse and found Brewdog’s Trashy Blonde there.  The 4.1% IPA is a great drink, but looking on their website there were a lot more that I wanted to try.  One of the things they say on their bottles is that its not mass produced or mass marketed, so I didn’t hold out much hope of finding it in a supermarket.

Then I went to Tesco and found that they had Trashy Blond in there.  The next day I went to Sainsburys, and found that they had Trashy Blond(4.1%), Punk IPA (6%) Dogma (7.8% Lavender Honey flavoured) and Hardcore IPA (9%) and Chaos Theory (7.1%), even better its on 4 for the price of 3.  Even better its much cooler than drinking Wizards Tipple or Old Speckeld Granny or whatever they are called.


So this might be my first blog into a journey of discovery of real ales.  Or alternatively I could try some of the Tokyo stout at 18% and fall over.

Don’t Say It

24 08 2009

The Ashes are over.  Boo.  England won it.  Yay.  Flintoff has retired Yay (Only me that thinks that then). All the talk now is of us becoming the dominant force in World Cricket.  Which is nice.

The game at the Oval was a masterpiece of theatre and excitement.  It was all set up for a classic and it didn’t dissapoint.  Englands first innings total didn’t look enough.  Broad taking his second 5 wicket haul in 2 innings.  The pitch braeking up like the top of a Creme Brulee.  Trotts debut century.  Punter (Ricky Ponting) taking one in the face and losing a tooth.  A massive total to chase in just over 2 days.  Australia looking like they could do it.  Fred’s run out.  Punters standing ovation.  Harmison’s 2 in 2 balls, and Swann finishing it off.

Friday was genius.  I have not been that excited since my 6th birthday party.  To hear (I was listening to Test Match Special)  those wickets falling one after another was great.  Saturday lagged somewhat in comparison.  I just wish I could have watched Sunday.  I missed the last time that we won the Ashes too because I was abroad.

Punter has gone up in my estimations too.  He gave some excellent interviews and for an Australian Captain losing the Ashes, was actually complimentary to the opposition.   England hadn’t played well in the Series.  He knew it, Strauss knew it, we all knew it, we had just played better when it mattered.

Its all good, I am on a high.  The One dayers will be interesting.  Just please don’t say that Stuart Broard is the next Andrew Flintoff.  He will be better.  He will be the First Stuart Broad.

Quick Blog

21 08 2009

I have been watching a lot of athletics recently as its the World Championships at the moment.  Usain Bolt has again taken the world by storm, beating both the 100m and 200m world records (his own World Records) by 0.11 seconds.  This is a huge margin over such a short distance.  In effect it equates to 2m in distance.  This is massive, althogh for him its less than a stride.  He will break both records by more, but he declared that he was a bit tired for the 200m.  If he is fully fit, he could probably be into the 18 seconds.  Nobody seems to think that these records will be broken by anybody else for a long time.  Former World record holder Michael Johnson said on the BBC that “the next world record holder probably hasn’t been born yet!”.  He is probably right.  There is nobody on the sports scene at the moment that can cope with him.  The best thing about him is that he still runs with a smile on his face.

Well done too to all of our medalists.

Kitchen Excitement

17 08 2009

I got home yesterday to find that the housemate has bought a shiny new black Smeg Fridge freezer.  To say that ours was on its last legs was a bit of an understatement.  We had got it free 2 years ago from somebody who had got it free 2 years previously and someone probably had it free before that.

Fridge Freezer

Fridge Freezer

Anyway, we finally have a new fridge freezer, and its funky.  Here is a picture that I just grabbed from Tinterweb.

Oh Bollocks (Haiku)

7 08 2009

The Ashes Fourth Test

Oh for the love of god no!

England are Dire.

Oh Bollocks

7 08 2009

First morning, 4th test.  England diabolical.  Oh for the love of God.

What I Did On My Holidays

6 08 2009

To be honest I haven’t really been doing a lot over the last few weeks that has deserved a lot of blogging time.  Me and H went to Stratford a while back, and visited Shakespeares birthplace and Anne Hathaways cottage, but the weather was against us, and then on the way back we went to a place called The Living Rainforest, just outside of Newbury.  Its not a big place, but it has Monkeys, Birds and a whole host of Tropical wildlife, its a great place to go and kill an hour or so.  It also has the giant lily pads that are big enough to sit on.

I also sustained another injury from walking part of the South Downs way.  It was supposed to have been a 5 day trip taking in the whole of it, but due to being barely able to walk, we had to call a halt to this.

Dev and I also visited the largest Creationist museum in the UK.  Personally I think this idea is rubbish, and the temptation to put something scathing in the visitors book was tempered by the fact that they were all so nice…even if they did take everything they were quoting out of context.  The best thing about it is the gift shop that sells fossilised fish.  

But the pamphlets were amazing, some written by the legenday Duane T. Gish (legendary if you have seen or read Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure, when he met the man himself).  I picked up The Oceans Lied, all about how the Earth couldn’t be any more than 6000 years old because there wasn’t enough sediment.  Sadly I can’t find a link to this amazing piece of literature, but it would make the evolutionists among you fume/laugh.  I know I did.


4 08 2009

A bloody draw.

Now watch us lose the next 2.  I blame Bimbo.