Not Offensive

22 10 2008

The phonecall went something like this:

“Are you coming to the Wedgewood rooms tonight?” Said Dave

“I’ve not got a ticket” says I

“get one on the door.  You know what happened last time you did, it was Goldie Lookin Chain and look what happened there.”


He was right, that GLC gig was one of the best that I have ever been to.

Last night we ended up going and seeing Does It Offend You Yeah, as we arrived late we missed the first band but saw the second, called South Central.  I am a big fan of Indie Rave, which is lucky because this was what was on offer.

After a blinding set by South Central, finishing with a great version of Higher State of Consciousness, on came DIOYY and improved an alreay good night.  There were plenty of good tunes and I really enjoyed it.  The 5th pint however may have been a mistake.


Completely Wasted

20 10 2008

This weekend has absolutely flown by.  The problem was that I did nothing of any importance all weekend.  On Saturday I went out with my mum for a while, but that was about it, then on Sunday I went round to Andy and Stu’s and stayed there for a while discussing a possible trip ot Russia.  Now its Monday morning and I have a deep sense of regret that I didn’t manage to do anything exciting.  I have repaired my bike puncture, but It turns out my wheel rim is broken, so it will puncture everytime I ride it.

God I am bored at the moment.

Off Roading

12 10 2008

I was out on my bike at Queen Elizabeth country Park yesterday, and its good to know that I am getting fitter by I had a bit of a nightmare.  Firstly there was the fact that its mainly wet chalk, which is a bitch to ride on, then I went over the handlears, just ecause I was being a bit of a fool, trying to take a corner that I really shouldn’t have been.

Then onto the second half of the course that I really love I punctured, meaning that I had to walk back to the visitor centre and my car, only to find out I didn’t have my puncture repair kit with me.  So I bought one that said it had tyre levers (Plural) in it, but it only had one, which is no use at all.  After I had borrowed a pair from a passing group, I fixed both holes and decided that I was going to take on the second half again.

Lets just say that I absolutely nailed it.  I flew around, and overtook people, which I rarely do.  I floated over the roots and bumps and managed to get some decent air, which I landed and didn’t puncture again.  I left the park with a big smile on my face and a runny nose.


7 10 2008

OK, this is my 100th post.  It was going to be a grandoise list of things that I like and reasons, but I got to 34 and ran out of ideas, so instaed, I will write about the European Draw. 

This morning Pompey were drawn with Dutch side Heerenveen, FC Braga from Portugal, Wolfsburg from the Bundesleague and AC Milan.  Its a bit of an odd set up, where the top 3 go through from the group and we play 2 teams at home, and 2 away. 

So first up for us is a trip to Portugal to play Braga, a few miles down the road from our rivals in the last round Vitoria Guimerias.  Should be an interesting night as they are now higher in the league than Vitoria.  Nostradamus Spex says Draw

Next up for us, on a hopefully wet and rainy night at Fratton Park is AC Milan, I can’t imagine Kaka being up for that kind of evening.  Nostradamus Spex says Draw

Wolfsburg away, thats a tricky one, the Bundesleague has been a bit mixed this season with most of the big teams struggling,  I reckon we might stand a good chance here. Nostradamus Spex says Away Win.

Heerenveen have just beaten Ajax 5-1, which could be a good indicator for Aston Villa who have them in the groupstage, but not for us.  They are supposed to be a good team, but I believe we can take them at home.  Nostradamus Spex says Home win.

OK, I am usually terrible at predictions, but I think we will get through the group and into the knockout stages, I think that we will be there with AC Milan and Wolfsburg, but I could be wrong, and probably will be.

By the way, I may finish the list at some point, but I probably won’t.