Cycling to Work

19 04 2012

I really didn’t realise that it had been so long since I had written anything here, which just goes to prove that not a lot has happened.  Well apart from the trip to Wales.

Recently, in an effort to get fit, I bought a new bike, a road bike so that I could ride to work.  I know that this is against all of my Mountain Biking heritage, but I just need something that will be a bit easier, and the skinny tyres do help a lot.  Now the bike is nothing spectacular, it was the only bike that I could afford in the size that I needed, plus I got a load of Nectar points buying through Amazon (better Christmas presents for my family now).

My plan is to ride the 5.75 miles to work as often as I can, both to get fit and save money.  So far it has rained more often than not, so I haven’t got as much use as I wanted.  When I do go in though, it takes me about 27 minutes, which would be shorter if it weren’t for all of the pesky traffic lights and the level crossing that is bound to have a train coming when I need to be passing it.

It is quite good to see so many people riding to work, I invariably pass the same people going in the opposite direction every day, and they are a right miserable bunch.  None of them ever smile, it is probably my fault, why would they want to smile back at someone gurning like a fool.  But I find cycling a happy experience, I enjoy it, and it makes me smile.  I quite understand people on their way to work being miserable, but surely they must be able to think back to the fun that they had on their bikes when they were kids.  I can, and to me my bike still means fun and freedom, even if it is tempered by the fact that I have to spend the next 8 hours a day sat behind a desk in a soul sucking job.

Normally in a car my trip to work takes about 20 minutes, I would much rather spend another 8 on my bike, getting some fresh air.  It really helps that over half of my ride is on cycle lanes.  I wish it was more though.


One of those weeks!

16 09 2011

You know when you have one of those days where nothing goes right.  Where everything you do goes wrong.  Well I have had one of those days, everyday this week. 

But it isn’t just me, it is everybody in my office and the mood is strained.  Hopefully everything will calm down in the next week or so, but I doubt it.  Management decisions made higher up are affecting everybody on the lower rungs.  I guess we all just keep our heads down and carruy on regardless.

I am glad that it’s Friday and with Southseafest to look forward too and some friends comuing to visit, it should be a well earned, well needed weekend. I have added a video for Gideon Conn, who I should be seeing tomorrow. Hope you like the tune as much as I do.

Work Life And Greek Mythology

30 04 2009

At work I am struggling a bit, everything happening day to day is the same as the day before. A never ending tide of work. Clear the desk, the desk fills back up again, clear the desk, the desk fills back up again.

Now I don’t think that I have made the mistake of telling a Greek God (Asopus) that his Daughter (Aegina) was away on a dirty weekend with Zeus, but I do feel a bit like Sisyphus, forced for eternity to push a boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down again. For all I know, Zeus might be taking his revenge on me, but I can’t think what for.

Oh well, back to the boulder.


25 09 2008

I am going to sign up to do a free language course today through the university.  Through the Institution Wide Language Programme I have the choice of French, German, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Portugese as well as sign language.  I think that I will do a beginners course in Russin first, as I have been thinking about doing the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

Anyway I will have to do 2 hours of lectures a week with a 1 hour online session, and I am supposed to do 3 hours of practice a week too.  I should be able to keep this up as I don’t really do a lot else of an evening.  So there you go, just thought that I would let you know.