The Longest Month

26 01 2012

January has seemed to last for ever.  I suppose this has something to do with the fact that I was last paid on 23rd December, which by the time I get paid next Monday (31st) will be nearly 6 weeks ago.

I was paid before Christmas, so I had that and New year to go through, which seems like a hell of a long time ago now.  We have also been up to Worcester for a weekend to see some friends.  I am sure that we have done more but I can’t remember it.

I know that I have spent a lot of time reading, which is why I have read 5 books this month, including two of the George RR Martin Song Of Ice and Fire series.  That is 1600 pages right there. (Still have 3 more to go)  If I carry on at this rate I should clear my book shelves by June.

Tonight though I am going to my first gig of the year, Reel Big Fish at the Pyramids Centre in Portsmouth, which is probably the worst venue in the country.  Because it is next to a heated swimming pool it smells of Chlorine and is about 50 degrees. The gig should be good though, and I am going with Adrian who has come back from South Korea for a two week holiday before he starts teaching there again.

I’s no wonder January has Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.  It’s because like me, most people want the month to end.


One of those weeks!

16 09 2011

You know when you have one of those days where nothing goes right.  Where everything you do goes wrong.  Well I have had one of those days, everyday this week. 

But it isn’t just me, it is everybody in my office and the mood is strained.  Hopefully everything will calm down in the next week or so, but I doubt it.  Management decisions made higher up are affecting everybody on the lower rungs.  I guess we all just keep our heads down and carruy on regardless.

I am glad that it’s Friday and with Southseafest to look forward too and some friends comuing to visit, it should be a well earned, well needed weekend. I have added a video for Gideon Conn, who I should be seeing tomorrow. Hope you like the tune as much as I do.


4 10 2010

Sometime I love Portsmouth, the City where I was born and brought up, the City that I moved away from and then moved back to.

Sometimes I hate Portsmouth, the City where I was born and brought up, the City that I moved away from and then moved back to.

It is beautiful, it is fun, there is a lot to do, there is a thriving music scene as shown by Southsefest, the free museums are maybe not the best, but they are free and worth going to.  You can always have a good night out whatever your tastes are, being pubbing or clubbing, restaurant or theatre.

Sadly it is also home to a very small minority of small minded, petty vindictive and spiteful people. 

The reason that I bring this up is because somebody burnt down the Southsea Dinosaur which I am not too happy about (I think that you may have guessed) .

Apparantly now there is a £1000 reward for anyone that has any information.  The general opinion is that it was a student that did it, however I believe that students have more respect for art and the things around them.

Rant over.

Andyspex vs Seetickets

3 10 2010

The Battle for Glastonbury has been fought.  For the first time I am going to Glastonbury.  I am not sure if I will like it, but I really wanted to give it a go and as H says it is something you have to do while you can.

Tickets went on sale at 9.00 and I couldn’t have been any later than 9.05, but I couldn’t get onto the site, I kept refreshing for about an hour as friends updated their facebook status to say that they had got them.  For another hour I tried refreshing with no luck, still not on the site.  Then I got a call from Dev, and a friend of a friend had been lucky enough to get 2 sales windows open, so we fed him our details and managed to get tickets that way.

After 3 hours I didn’t get anywhere close to getting tickets, I did get RSI from refreshing the page.  I am glad that I did though as they sold out in under 5 hours.  Not that I would have lasted 5 hours to get tickets.

I still hate  Now I have 2 things to wish for, Sun and Radiohead. 

As someone put on Twitter “If I spent this sunday pressing refresh to get U2, someone is getting a pitchfork to the nads”  I second that.

Karmic Littering

27 09 2010

I don’t like people littering, it is ugly and anti-social, so I was highly amused yesterday when I saw what I saw.

Two teenagers walking along the road, and one of them has an empty can that he needs to get rid of, instead of waiting to find a bin he takes matters into his own hands and throws the empty can high into the air over a fence.

The can then got caught by the wind and blew back hitting him in the face. 

There you go, Karma will get you.

The Best Thing Has Gone

29 10 2009

I only found out the Frankie Boyle has quit Mock the week today.  Not a big deal you might think, but he was the best ting about it.  Russel Howard is a close second, but he is the only one that gets close.

Andy Parsons is rubbish, just a bald guy with a stupid voice, Hugh Dennis has one joke about paying too much for car insurance.  You can guarantee that if Rory Bremner is on there, at least once an episode he will impersonate Nelson Mandela.

Dara O’Brian or O’Breeen as its apparantly pronounced is good, but he would be better in the stand up side.

I just hope that Frankie goes on to do other good things, his stand up is brilliant, but he had better not turn into Jim Davidson or Roy Chubby Brown.

Now I am just being angry for the fun of it, just like the man himself.

The Saga Is Nearly Over

6 10 2009

4 days ago I wrote this about Pompey and the takeover deal from hell.  Now we have been taken over again by Ali Al-Faraj, another Saudi Billionaire (can we see some money this time please) who has bought a 90% stake in the club with Suliman Al-Fahim keeping 10% (my guess is that they will use his building and development firm to build the new stadium) .

So the players will have their wages, which is nice, and administration has been put to the back of peoples minds.    Apparantly Mr Al Faraj is keen to invest heavily and wants to redevelop the training ground and stadium.  Good luck to him, we have been trying to do that for about 10 years and everytime planning permission goes in one of the councils involved gets in the way.

But for now the average Pompey fan can dream about signing Kaka, Ribery and Messi in the January transfer window.  Thats one better than yesterday when we were having nightmares about 15 point deductions.

Inconsiderate B@$£@?DS

4 10 2009

I was staying at H’s on friday night and we went to bed about 10.  Shortly afterwards I started to hear a low humming noise, a bit like when we start our dishwasher.  Unfortunately, being a light sleeper, this was enough to mean that I wouldn’t sleep until it stopped.  However, this was only the tip of the iceberg, as it turned out that it was the washing machine.  The noisiest washing machine in the world.  A washing machine with 3 legs on a wooden floor.  Midnight it kicked into its spin cycle, and almost managed to pneumatic drill its way through the floor.  I really think that this is an inconsiderate way to behave, you might not be asleep, but other people might want to.  Before this I didn’t think that the Swiss had the right idea with general practice saying that you can’t use a washing machine after 9pm and at all on a sunday.

And its a nice country too!

The Bus

10 09 2009

Because I am going to Bestival today I had to get the dreaded Bus in to work.  I don’t like the bus and I don’t care who knows it.  It is why I have a car.  I like sitting on my own in Comfort, listening to music.  I don’t like sitting next to some smelly builder waving his copy of the sun all over the place. 

Unfortunately for me this bus route is the school route for 5 different schools, so it is constantly full of noisy kids too.

Like I say, I don’t like the bus.  Its expensive and slow too.  although when you dive the cost by the minute, its not too bad at nearly 5p a minute.

So there you go, I don’t like the bus, but I will have to do it again on Monday.  Thats twice in a year.  Rubbish.

Clamping Nazi’s

28 08 2009

H has been moving house recently, and although I had done most of the heavy lifting and shifting of the big stuff, there was still some bits and pieces at her old place.  So last night at 9pm she went over to move the remainder.

As her parking space is away from the front door and her flat on the first floor, she parked close to the lift with her hazard warning lights on, seats folded down, ready to just shove stuff in the boot.

After her second trip, she came back to find that she had been clamped, with the clamper just finishing doing up the lock.  When she asked him to take it off so that she could move her car he said that he “didn’t have the authority to do that”, despite holding the keys in his hand.

This strikes me as a bit unfair, and H, pleading as a woman on her own, loading a car was able to get the fine reduced to £50 from £160, and was told that she would probably get that back on appeal.  In that case, why do it in the first place.  Nobody had complained, nobody minded, so why do it.  Oh I know, its because they have been given a bit of power and enjoy spreading misery.

I could have ranted, but I can’t be bothered, its fighting a losing battle.