Real Men Drink Amaretto

14 04 2009

Unless you hadn’t noticed it was Easter this weekend, which, with me being a non-religious type, just means 4 days holiday.

I had decided not to go anywhere this weekend, untill I got a snotty phone call at work, which put me in such a bad mood that I wanted a drink or 5. Knowing that the housemate was going to be out I took myself up to Worcester where I was kindly (again) put up by Fatbob and Bimbo. Upon getting there we promptly left in order to go and meet Dev in the Hand in Glove. All I can really remember about that night was the tallest man in the world at the bar.

On good Friday, after Fatbob had gone to work, and I had been out to buy a toothbrush myself Jackie, KP and Dev hit the Slug and Lettiuce for lunch. We decided that it was a pretentious lunch as the chips came in a mug type affair and had to be poured out on to your own plate. Later we were joined by May-Z who had finally beetled his way up from Londinium on the train. Cue a few more pints in the town and dinner cooked by Bimbo we headed back into town via the Worcester Free Art Gallery, which is actually an graffitied alleyway that now has art comments on by the mysterious Curator. Highlights include Ludo and Dicktionary (this doesn’t translate as well written down, its better on bimbos blog).

Anyway, we made it to the Postal Order, Worcesters premier hangout for drunks and hen parties, where none of us had been for at least 5 years. Upon discovering that Amaretto was only £1.29 a shot, we proceeded to have Corona with Amaretto chasers and deciding that we should start a Victorian Gentlemans Drinking club. Real men drink Amaretto apparantly, well they do now.

Unfortunately as I had plans on Saturday I had to shoot off early and meet up with Catherine and Steve who kindly gave me a triangle of the worlds biggest Tobelerone. So after not doing a whole heck of a lot on Sunday and Monday apart from going out on my bike, it is back to Work for a 4 day week. The sun is out and I have a smile on my face. What is going on?

Plus tonight, I am very excited to be going to see …and you will know us by the trail of the dead.





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