Cast Of Thousands

The likely suspects are my group of friends, whether I know them from school, work, University or just through t’internet. I will probably add more as I go but here are some of them.

May-Z (aka May-Kwon) -Lives in London, but hates it, has a distinct aversion to working weekends and students that come into his Library. Proud to be Brummie.

Dev – The Prince of Dartmoor, co inventor of Stair surfing and the sleeping bag of invincibility. Also a key player in the concept of Pub hide and seek. Is inventor of the displacement theory of climate change (by taking all of the ships out of the sea the level will fall).

KP -Dev’s girlfriend. An American with a distinctly British outlook on life. I believe she is in the Church of Morons.

Fat Bob and Bimbo– Husband and wife team. I was there the night that they met, but don’t really recall to much of it.

The (Former) Housemate – We met through work and through different reasons both needed somewhere to live at the same time.

Rich -Known through school we still hang out and go to the local fairly regularly when he is back from the RAF.

BeeSkiffle -Met through the covert group of intelligetsia called the LXDSAS, we share a common interest in Literature.

The Jolly Green Dave Ware – 6ft 5 tall, an ex colleague from the base, we have a shared interest in music and bad jokes.

Andy and Stu -The guys from flat 6, who love the geekier things in life

Afro Aid a.k.a The Boy Lord -A friend of Andy and Stu, we got talking about our various travel experiences.  He now lives and works as an English Teacher in Korea and is growing an ginger Afro.  Join the Fro Preservation Society here.

The Mysterious H An abstract concept in your mind.  Who or what is the Mysterious H?  Actually, she is my Fiancee.

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