The Geograpy Geek In Me

25 03 2008

I came across this excellent site when I was supposed to have been looking for maps of Java.  Strange Maps drew me in with the little beauty that is the map of the first moonwalk. 

I have added the site to my Blogroll and will be looking again regularly, I still love looking at maps, but after year 2 at Uni I never want to draw one again.  This way you don’t have to fold them either.


Random Babblings

24 03 2008

Hello, I thought that I just write and see what happens, so I will update you all on a few things.

Firstly I have been spending way too much on music lately, I have bought Example, Cat Power, The Young Knives, The Best of the Spencer Davis Group (a bit of an impulse buy, because its got I am a man on it.  Its the song from the VW Polo advert with the singing dog, which makes me laugh.)  MGMT and Bat for Lashes.  I was going to reviw all of these, but in the end I couldnt do it for various reasons, I will just say that they are all pretty good, Oracular Spectacular by MGMT is the best musically, What we Made by Example has the best lyrics and Jukebox by Cat Power is the most dissappointing, as I was expecting it to be better.

Also on the Music front I went to see Buck 65 last week, I really wasnt up for it, which was a shame, because he was excellent.  The 2 support bands were rubbish though.  I felt quite sorry for the first guy, an MC, so he was the only one on the stage, and his microphone stopped working.  He looked absolutely panic stricken, and you can’t blame him. 

Buck was sporting some good facial hair and some really excellent tunes.  Yet again being an MC and the only one on stage he had surprising stage presence and was busting a few dance moves.  It was a good nights entertainment.

As for the Easter weekend, its been quite good.  I met up with Ebby on Friday and we had a nice meal out and then went to the cinema in the evening.  We saw Vantage Point, which wasn’t as bad as either of us thought it was going to be.  We then went back to mine and sat up drinking and watching crap TV before turning in for the night.  The next morning we didnt really do alot, but it was nice to sit and chat and everything felt far too comfortable.  Even me forcing Ebby to watch the football that I am sure she didnt really want to watch was quite nice, even if we did lose 2-0 to Spurs.

After I had dropped Ebby back at the station I went to the parents and cleared out a bit of the loft, and finally forced Mum to get rid of a load of crap that I have been saying to get rid of for a while.

Easter Sunday brought a nice meal at the parents followed by going round to some friends.  What followed we shall describe as drunken debaucherry. We finished off 3 bottles of spirits and I burnt my tounge on some flaming German stuff.  I got home at half one and passed out on the sofa after sending inappropriate but grammatically fine (considering I was wasted) text messages.  I eventually got to bed at 4 am.

I woke up this morning with no hangover, but with some stomach twisting and I was shaking like a nervous dog.  This has now subsided a bit and after a crispy chicken sandwhich and a packet of mini Creme Eggs. 

All through this I have been living the England Cricket Supporters nightly heart attacks, after a terrible first day and innings, the second got better with the collapse of the New Zealanders.  Then last night a great second innings started, we are firmly in the driving seat and should win the series.

Anyway, a bit random but there you go, loads has been going on, and my writers block doesn’t appear to have got any better.  Later. 

Don’t Give Up Just Yet

20 03 2008

You are going to have to bare with me for a bit, I seem to have writers block and everything I write is turning out crap at the moment, so I will post once I have some intelligence ex-lax.

The Difficulty Of Straight Lines

12 03 2008

Yesterday I was stuck in the worst traffic jam I have ever been in.  I wouldn’t have minded, but it was on a straight bit of motorway!  I don’t understand how this keeps happening, its not as if people can lose control on a difficult corner.  The road was dry, if a bit windy.  How did the car end up rolling and hitting the barrier?

Anyway, I spent 6 hours in my car yesterday, saw the remains of 3 cars on different parts of the road.  2 of them were on fairly steep downhill sections, and at the time it was torrential rain. 

Anyway, straight line, stay in your lane, keep your distance, watch out for red lights in front.  Simple.

Comedy Nights Sleep

10 03 2008

Last night I had an annoying nights sleep, but looking back on it it was actually quite amusing.

About midnight I was woken up, probably by the howling wind outside, but I thought that it was because I could hear what sounded like an electrical crackling sound.  After a couple of minutes of this I decided that it was probably coming from the speakers in the ceiling, so I went and turned them off at the box, and settled down to try and get back to sleep.

About 10 minutes later it started again, so I had to get up and investigate again and I found that it was so windy, the vents in my window were blowing out, so I had to open them making my room a lot colder and windier.  Anyway, I managed to get to sleep only to be woken up again by my bedside lamp turning itsself on. 

As this is a touch lamp I assumed that the wind was knocking it against the wall and turning it on.  I moved it away and drifted back to sleep, only to be woken up by the same thing happening.  I turned it off again and 2 minutes later it was back on again.  Beginning to think there was a ghost I switched it off and then heard the beep as all of the phones and electrical systems in the house were rebooting after a power cut. 

There you go, electrical surges turn on lamps.  I think that I eventually got about 5 hours sleep last night, but looking back on it, its quite funny.

Cowering Behind A Cushion

8 03 2008

I have just spent 45 minutes cowering behind a cushion on the sofa watching the FA cup quarter final between Man Utd and Pompey.  For the neutral fan that must have been a good game to watch, for most of the 2nd half for me it was painful.  Still for Man Utd fans, the next couple of days will be quite bad with the amount of stick they will get.

Sorry, but I feel the need to put a few stats on here:


Man Utd 64%-36% Pompey

Shots on Target

Man Utd 10-4 Pompey

Shots Off Target

Man Utd 10-2 Pompey

But the only one that really matters is

Final Score

Man Utd 0-1 Pompey

Honestly you cannot take anything away from our defence, they were amazing.  Sylvan Distan making an almost impossible intervention on the line, David James again making an outstanding save.  Diarra seemed to be everywhere in midfield.  OK, we probably should have lost the game, but we had luck on our side.  But as we all know its only the goals that count.

In the pre-match interviews Alex Fergusson said “I can’t name a strongest team. I could pick four different starting XIs and say every one is as strong as the other.”  Now thats showing off a bit. 

But what I really loved is what Harry said about our team:

“We’ll go there with exactly the same system that has won us so many games away from home. Two wide men (Utaka and Kranjcar) who can’t defend to save their lives and a striker up front (Kanu) who can’t run around that much. That is it really.”

Also I love the fact that we have wiped that smug self satisfied grin off Fergies red face.

Now I am looking forward to getting tickets for the semi’s and seeing Pompey come out at Wembley.

The Future’s Bright

6 03 2008

I saw the Futureheads at the Wedgewood rooms last night, and I have to say that they were better than the last time that I saw them, and they were good then.  I like this band a lot, and I have done since their first single.  When they were dropped from their record label it was a bit of a surprise bacause their 2 albums had sold well.  But now they are back with their own label and the songs are back to the quality that I liked.  They are full of energy and you get the feeling that the band are happy and in a good mood (although this could be somthing to do with their rider). 

Old songs went down well, and the new single Beginning of the Twist got the crowd going.  All in all a cracking night, and those naysayers who say that they are rubbish should be made aware that they are wrong. 

I have a hangover.

Busy Busy

4 03 2008

Its all go this week.  Last night was out with work, we went to Pizza Express to welcome the 2 new starters.  I had a really nice Pollo Con Fungi pizza that didnt have tomatoes on at all…mmmmm.  Talk swiftly moved to tropical diseases as it always does at this sort of thing, and talk of Dengue fever was rife.

Tomorrow night I am going to see the Futureheads at the wedgewood rooms, which should be good.  Thursday I am going to my sisters for her birthday (31st.  Take note AJ, its ok to say your real age) and we are going to have a Chinese with my parents.

On Friday it is the start of my sisters W.O.O.F, the Weekend of organised fun (Oh Joy!)  So to hers for 7pm for cocktails, then to a Thai restaurant.  After that back to hers for more cocktails and Singstar (Oh Joy again).  On Saturday morning wa are going for a round of adventure golf (No windmill,  so it can’t be crazy golf) and then breakfast at one of the cafes that does waffles.  So this week I am mostly going to be busy.