Happy Birthday for Yesterday

2 09 2009

Believe it or not, the Internet is now 40 years old.  The very first part of it was set up at UCLA for a collaboration between 4 universities.

It is hard to imagine a world without t’interweb as these days, pretty much everybody in developed (or even semi developed) society has a basic grasp of the internet.  They will at least know what it is.  I use it for pretty much everything.  I keep in contact with friends, I look for mucic, I watch TV, I read a newspaper, I would get my weekly shopping on there if you didn’t have to pay for delivery.

Over the last 40 years, what was first used as a tool for shifting nuclear data between researchers has grown into not just a business tool, but a whokle industry.  Hundreds of thousands of people are employed doing stuff with the internet.  Most of which I don’t understand.

So cheers to the internet and all of its brilliance, without you I wouldn’t have wasted weeks on Facebook.


Happy Birthday Dad

11 05 2009

Its my Dads birthday today, so I thought that I would start off with that.  So Happy Birthday.  Yesterday we went out for Tea and Cake at the 10th Hole as a bit of a gathering with the parents and my sister.  This also turned out to be a useful staging for them to meet H.  She isn’t so mysterious anymore, being a she and the fact that she was nervous meeting my parents.  In the old days you would have called her my girlfriend, but these days its not official until it says so on Facebook.  The thing with this is that you can’t change your status to anything other than being In A Relationship.  I think its a bit early days for that sort of thing, but there you go.  If they had a status of dating that would be better.


17 02 2009

I believe that I am what is now known as an infoholic.

I have far too many online profiles and feel the need for finding out information as often as I can.  I have a facebook account, myspace account (which I am going to delete) a Twitter account (where else can I keep in contact with MC Hammer, accounts on Shelfari, Flickr, WAYN (again going to delete) and 2 email accounts , as well as this wordpress one.

I do spend far too much time on the internet, I know that. However, is this type of online presence normal? Probably in computer geeks, but I don’t think that I should be in this catergory.

WordPress I like having, even though nobody reads it, it gives me a chance to rant away for a while.

Facebook keeps me up to date with all the inane stuff that my friends talk about, and keeps me occupied during the day.

Flickr I have just to occasionally put photos on. I may use it a bit more if I start taking more photos like I have been promising to do for years.

Shelfaris is a bit of a weird one, I like it because it helps me to know what I have read, but does it improve my life. Probably not.

Where Are You Now (WAYN) was quite good until I got thousands of pieces of spam a day, so am now deleting that one too.

Myspace I still use for music, but I really don’t need an account for that and I havn’t sent any comments to friends for a couple of years now.

Hmm, is online spring cleaning the way things are going, do I now collect memberships of websites like I collect CDs. I really think that I need to be out in the open a bit more, not stuck in the confines of the internet.