Relaxing Weekend

24 05 2010

I guess as some of you will know, I am getting married. My wonderful (now) Fiancee said yes, even though I was drunk and had not planned anything (Riga Black Balsam has a lot to answer for). We haven’t set a date, we have barely set a year (2012).

Since this happened nearly a fortnight ago in Riga, we have been crazily busy with things going on, so this weekend was nice and relaxing taking pleasure in being out in the sunny weather. We went out on our bikes and the picked up the engagement ring before going out with some of H’s friends to a pub and drinking again.

On Sunday we went to Queen Elizabeth Country park for a walk so that my sister can wear in her new hiking boots before she hits the Himalayas. For the afternoon we sat in my parents back garden with a BBQ eating and drinking away the rest of the day lazily. It will be the most relaxing weekend that we will have for a while.


Off Roading

12 10 2008

I was out on my bike at Queen Elizabeth country Park yesterday, and its good to know that I am getting fitter by I had a bit of a nightmare.  Firstly there was the fact that its mainly wet chalk, which is a bitch to ride on, then I went over the handlears, just ecause I was being a bit of a fool, trying to take a corner that I really shouldn’t have been.

Then onto the second half of the course that I really love I punctured, meaning that I had to walk back to the visitor centre and my car, only to find out I didn’t have my puncture repair kit with me.  So I bought one that said it had tyre levers (Plural) in it, but it only had one, which is no use at all.  After I had borrowed a pair from a passing group, I fixed both holes and decided that I was going to take on the second half again.

Lets just say that I absolutely nailed it.  I flew around, and overtook people, which I rarely do.  I floated over the roots and bumps and managed to get some decent air, which I landed and didn’t puncture again.  I left the park with a big smile on my face and a runny nose.

Getting Fitter

10 06 2008

I have been out on the bike again, and I am getting fitter, I believe anyway.  The last time I went out, my eyes nearly exploded and my lungs almost collapsed but today I was out and felt great, the steroids appear to be working now so my lungs don’t hurt, but I managed the course at QECP twice.  OK, the course isn’t very long but it is very hilly and the uphills have been the bain of my life for my lungs.  Still I think that it is a good sign.

The 2nd lap was the most fun that I have had on a bike for a long while and I caught some great air

Something good is coming out of this anyway.

Exercising the Demons

2 06 2008

I am trying to use this time off of work to try and get a bit fit.  Early in the year I had a chest infection and couldn’t get out on the bike for a while.  So now I have started Mountain Biking again, I took myself up to Queen Elizabeth Country Park for a bit of off roading.  As always I made the mistake of taking the first hill far too quickly, and needed a bit of a sit down at the top.  This has nothing to do with my legs, they are fine, but my lungs just seem to scream in pain when I breathe in too deeply, back onto the steroid inhaler me-thinks.

I got over this inconvenience and decided that I know the pace that I normally ride at, I should cut some speed off of this, and so I didn’t have too many stops after that.  I am a bit dissappointed  that they have changed the ending to the 1st half, as now, instead of being 3 long sweeping fast curves they have changed it to a set of 7 switchbacks which mean that you can’t get any momentum for the next hill, which you really need (in the 15 years of riding at QE, I can only remember making it up this chalky hill about 3 times, its a right bugger and without any momentum its virtually impossible).

As usual I had great fun on the 2nd half with lots of singletrack and fast downhills, I even managed to avoid the tree that I usually clip.  Once the track was finished I headed for a celebratory cup of tea in the cafe to warm me up after my camelback had leaked all over my spine.

I really need to get fitter.

Self satisfaction

5 11 2007

The conversation went somthing like this.

 Me: “Fancy a quick burn at QE tomorrow?”

Rich: “Yeah alright, what time?”

Me:”About 10ish?”

Rich:”Good plan”


The quick burn at QE means going out on our bikes to Queen Elizabeth country park, and not to put to finer point on it, we are both 27 and bloody unfit.  Plus I am just getting over a chest infection, so I thought this may have killed me, but what the hell.  Turns out the weather was good and off we went.

Having no fitness at the moment is not a good thing and so at the top of the first hill I had to have a bit of a sit down as I could feel the blood draining from my brain to get oxygen to where its needed.  But still I persevered and kept going and afterwards felt surprisingly good.  Its been quite a while since I went out properly and its good to know that my technique is still there, keeping up with the fit people on the single track and losing them on the hills where my lungs were collapsing.  Still im glad that I went as this is the first part of my training to actually run the great south run next year (Can’t believe that I said I would).

 Anyway, Im off to buy some sun tan cream for the holiday and possibly a new pair of shorts.