Karmic Littering

27 09 2010

I don’t like people littering, it is ugly and anti-social, so I was highly amused yesterday when I saw what I saw.

Two teenagers walking along the road, and one of them has an empty can that he needs to get rid of, instead of waiting to find a bin he takes matters into his own hands and throws the empty can high into the air over a fence.

The can then got caught by the wind and blew back hitting him in the face. 

There you go, Karma will get you.


Cherry Ghost

24 09 2010

I know that its been a while again, but I have been busy and I apologise, things that I haven’t blogged about since the last time I thought about it include:  Longleat, Glastonbury Tor, Southseafest and how good it was including Montage Populaire, Dirty Sky Jones, The Dawn Chorus, Bleech and Little Fish.

So it comes to last night when I went to see Cherry Ghost and extremely good they were too.  Ably supported by Liverpool based urchin’s (they wear braces and brogues.  “shine your shoes Mister?”) Misery Guts they played a blinding set on the third night of their tour. 

Classified as the dreaded Alt. Country, they have a distinctive sound and a great voice in their singer/songwriter.  Song’s from both of their albums went down well with the Radio 2 aged crowd and the sound quality was superb.

Highlights for me were Thirst for Romance and 4AM, but that is because I like their first album.  Their Encore was topped off by a cover version of Finally originally by Ce Ce Peniston.

Go and see them while they are on tour.


3 09 2010

Sorry I have been slacking a bit, I was meaning to write a bit about seeing Yeasayer at the Wedgewood rooms last week, but I never got around to it, and it’s moment seems to have passed.  They were really good though.  So were their support band Clock Opera.

Anyway, last night Dave dragged me out to see some Hip Hop.  For those that know me I like Hip Hop, but you don’t really see it done well down this way, so Ugly Duckling were a real treat.

This was proper Hip Hop, with 2 MC’s and a DJ, they didn’t take themselves too seriouslay and played some phat (look at me with my young persons lingo) beats.  Even though the set was plagued with technical problems, (where the bass speker was making the turntable skip and then for some reason the music sped up and couldn’t be slowed down again) it was still excellet.

I am sure that it will be a gig that they and us will remember for a long time.