Flaming Heck

16 11 2009

Bimbo came down on friday night clutching here ticket for the Flaming Lips at Porstmouth Guildhall.  The three of us got the bus down to the venue which is an adventure for me, and went to the bar, where they were selling 2 pint glasses of beer.  It was amazing, much like dirnking out of a vase, it also made me look much smaller than I actually am.  A bit like a hobbit from the first Lord of The Rings Film.

Anyway, the first band came on, Star Death and the White Dwarves to play their almost prog rock fuzz stylings.  They played and had smoke machines going, and then the fire alarms went off.  Cue evacuation of the venue, so everyone was standing out the front of the guildhall, cold with their massive beers.  For 20 minutes we were outside, but the atmosphere was good, so it didn’t really matter.  Eventually heading back in for the remainder of the set via the bar, they played their last song, a cover of Borderline by Madonna, which actually turned out to be their best tune.

After a bit of faffing about and sound checking (by the band), Lead singer Wayne Coyne made a safety announcement that he would soon be entering the crowd in a zorb.  When I say entereing, I mean rolling around on top of.  He wasn’t wrong, he did, it looked amazing fun.

The rest of the band had entered the stage through the light wall at the back and then the balloons and confetti started as they went into Race for the Prize.  This made an already good atmosphere even better as everybody struggeled to keep bits of paper out of their drinks.

The whole show was amazing, they had got people earlier and dressed them up as rabbits to dance on stage, and had people dressed as caterpillars and turtles.  Wayne is a natural frontman and knows how to work the crowd so there were numerous sing-a-long sections.

Unfortunately towards the end someone had a mild epileptic seizure at the front and the show had to be stopped for a while, but all the time the band were giving us updates on how they were. 

When the Flips came back on there was only time for one more song, which fortunately for me was Do you Realise, which is my favourite song of theirs, and the crowd went wild.

The full set list is below (which I robbed off of another website, so it may be wrong) 


Race For The Prize
Silver Trembling Hands
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Fight Test
Morning of the Magicians
Convinced of the Hex
See the Leavers
The W.A.N.D
She Don’t Use Jelly
Do You Realize

Anyway, an amazing night was had by all, and I have been to a lot of gigs, but I think this is the best that I have ever been to.  I certainly can’t think of any that have bene more spectacular.

Sorry the pictures aren’t great but they were taken on my phone.


2 In A Row

4 11 2009

We had a stormer of a Pub Quiz last night.  We won for the second week running.  This time by 9 points.  We got 5 wrong, which is amazing.  We were let down by 70’s tv theme tunes.