3 09 2010

Sorry I have been slacking a bit, I was meaning to write a bit about seeing Yeasayer at the Wedgewood rooms last week, but I never got around to it, and it’s moment seems to have passed.  They were really good though.  So were their support band Clock Opera.

Anyway, last night Dave dragged me out to see some Hip Hop.  For those that know me I like Hip Hop, but you don’t really see it done well down this way, so Ugly Duckling were a real treat.

This was proper Hip Hop, with 2 MC’s and a DJ, they didn’t take themselves too seriouslay and played some phat (look at me with my young persons lingo) beats.  Even though the set was plagued with technical problems, (where the bass speker was making the turntable skip and then for some reason the music sped up and couldn’t be slowed down again) it was still excellet.

I am sure that it will be a gig that they and us will remember for a long time.


Montage Populaire

25 05 2010
I went to see Chapel Club at the Joiners last night, who were very Joy division-esque.  Very talented, but also absolutely wasted.  Their set was about 25 minutes long, which is about half of what I wanted.
Easily the best band of the night were Montage Populaire, a Southampton 5 piece (according to Myspace).  Now the first bands on don’t normally get much of a mention from me, but these were outstandingly good, and I hope that they will be headlining their own shows soon.  I would definitely go to see them again.  They were everything that I like in a band, quirky, catchy, energetic and they have trumpets.   The only thing that I didn’t like was the guitartists trousers, but then again I think that Rolled up skinnyfit jeans should be banned.
I have googeled them so that I can put a link on here, and found some brilliant reviews, especially this one from Artrocker, who also placed them at number 67 of the top 100 records of the year for 2009.  Not bad for an unsigned Demo. 
Check out Montage Populaire, but don’t dismiss Chapel Club.

Random Diary

17 05 2010
This is a bit of a catch up Blog, as I have been on Holiday and got lots to tell you, about all sorts of different things.  I am going to do it diary style.
Saturday 8th of May – Celebration of Steam at the Historic Dockyard.
H and I decided that we would go down to the Celebration of Steam, not sure what it would entail, but we had a great day.   Our £12 ticket, got us entry to HMS Warrior, which I had wanted to go on for ages, a Harbour tour on a

Traction Engine

boat, where we got to see part of the British Navy that is docked in Portsmouth.  As well as this there was a collection of traction engines and steam powered memorabelia including the world record holding fastest steam car in the world, which took the record by going nearly 150 mph.

There was also an Ale and Sausage Festival where we had a local tipple and an Ostrich burger.  Which I can say is very nice.
Monday 10th May – Natural History Museum – London
As we were flying to Riga Early on Tuesday we had decided to stay at Stanstead the night before which gave us the opportunity to go to London.

The Natural History Museum Dinosaur

  We had wanted to get to the Natural History Museum for ages and it didn’t disappoint.  It is spectacular but we could have done with having more time. 

After a swift meal in China Town we headed to Wimbledon to meet with May-Z who unfortunately wouldn’t be there for my birthday.  We had some great conversations about professional quiz-masters among others.
Tuesday 11th May – Riga
We flew to Riga from Stanstead on Ryan Air.  It was ok.  It was also my Dad’s birthday, so happy birthday to him.  I will write more about Riga in another Blog, but it was great fun.
Saturday 15th May- FA Cup Final
Pompey were in the FA Cup final, after a turbulent season with Relegation administration, numerous owners and players jumping ship, we had battled our way to Wembley. 
We defended brilliantly in the first half and were saved by the woodwork on 6 occasions and went in at half time 0-0.
Daring to dream in the second half, we had a penalty, which Kevin Prince Boateng scuffed and was saved, and then Didier Drogba scored the winner.  Not what the fairytale deserved.
Sunday 16th May – World Twenty-20 and Gigs.
Well done to England, World T-20 champions.  It was a brilliant final, with all parts of our team on fire.  Bowling was economical, Craig Kieswetter and KP were on fire, and we were finally steered home by Paul Collingwood and Eion Morgan with 3 overs to go, a huge margin in this form of the game.  To beat the Aussies was the icing on the cake.
As soon as this had finished I rushed out the door to go and see North Atlantic Oscilation at the Joiners. The Sarah Griffin Band were great, the Rebs were average and NAO were probably the best band that I had seen this year.
There you go, brief, but good.  I will catch you up on Riga later.  

Best Coast

4 05 2010

Last night I went with H to see the second of the Joiners Escape gigs. After Friday nights Little Comets gig my expectations were high, as all 4 bands had been good, I thought this one would be too.

First up was Yaaard. Yaard was one guy and a laptop, and so far I haven’t worked out if he was absolute genius or utter rubbish. The more that I think of it I believe he is a genius. His singing of the lyrics is awful though. But if you put a tiny Japanese woman singing them, he would be the toast of ATP. Possibly not with his cover of Chaka Demus and Pliers hit Tease Me. If you have a listen on his myspace site, let me know what you think.

Secondly was Elders, who weren’t very good and I can’t be bothered to find a link for you. They were distinctly middle of the road and can stay there.

Finally we had Best Coast. I hadn’t really heard anything of them to start off with, but I am very glad that I have now. I liked them a lot. This fuzz pop (I read it on pitchfork, so it must be a genre) 3 piece are led by frontwoman Bethany Consentino, who has a great voice and excellent tunes. I would tip them for great things, but what the hell do I know. I will say that they will continue to make great music, and I will probably buy it. I am a convert.

Here is a video for When I’m With You.

Interesting factoid here, I said to H that the Bobb (who was drunk) the guitarist looked like he should be at an ATP festival, and it turns out that he has been, he is also in The For Carnation.

Little Comets

1 05 2010

Southampton Joiners is a great little venue, and now, they have joined forces with Brighton’s Great Escape festival, to bring a series of gigs under the banner of the Joiners Escape festival.  Last night was the first of the shows, which once I had found someone (Andy) to go with I was really looking forward to. 

Little Comets were the headline act and I had heard some good reviews of their sets and what I had heard of their music I really liked (think of a Geordie Vampire Weekend, fronted by a chap that looks an awful lot like Jonny Borrell from Razorlight).  Anyway, I digress.

First up were a band called Drawings who were a good start to the night, secondly were the brilliantly named Mammoth! Mammoth! (not to be confused with the Aussie Rockers MAMMOTHMAMMOTH) and equally good sounding.  These had a harder edge that I prefered.

The third band on were the stupidly good and also 12 year old Blonde Louis, they have a very polished sound considering they have a collective age of under 50 (possibly).  I recommend giving them a listen.

Little Comets came on and were excellent.  I am having writing issues today so I will leave you with the video for the brilliant One Night in October.

Crikey…Tommy Reilly!

10 10 2009

In December 2008 I wrote this about Tommy Reilly who eventually went on to win Orange Unsigned Act on Channel 4.  Last night I got to see him for what I suspect won’t be the last time, and he really didn’t dissapoint.  After buying the album I knew a lot of the songs and I was amazed at how good and clear they were played live.  He is a 20 year old guy who is clearly enjoying himself.  Both H and I had a great time, which is a bonus, even though I am suffering from a sore throat and runny nose.

His version of Mr Brightside is still genius.

Sorry I can’t be bothered to post more than this but I feel rubbish and I have a book to finish.


20 05 2009

Hello readers,

Sorry its been a while, but I have been busy. I have been to another gig, the Twilight Sad at the joiners. They were very good. The first support was like the ambient noise you get in some of the art installations in the Tate Modern.

Apart from that dear reader, I have had my birthday and celebrated for a week. I had a big BBQ at my parents house and 21 people came, it was great. SOme of them stayed which wrote off my weekend really, but it was great fun.

Apart from that I have been spending time with H, as well as being ill from taking Malaria tablets before my trip. I am getting a bit nervous now, and in about 48 hours I will be boarding a BA 737 to Nairobi. I feel seriously underprepared.

I thought that I would update you, as this may be the last for a while.

Thanks for reading.

Yours sincerely

Your Fearless Leader.


14 05 2009

Last night is a bit of a blur really. It was my birthday, so straight from work, 5 of us from the office went for a drink. Then at 6 I left and went and had dinner with H. Then to the Joiners again (2nd time this week) to see Dananananaykroyd. We were joined by The Boy Lord, Indiegirl, Andy and The Jolly Green Dave Ware. The drinking began.

4 bands played, Waking Aida were Mogwai-ish, Japanese Voyeurs had some really excellent riffs and a hot front woman (I think a lot of men in the audience fell in love with her). The video Nasties were alright as were the headliners, but it all got to be a bit of a blur before they came on. It was a good night though.

Now I have a headache. I am supposed to be going out toinght, but I don’t think I am going to. I need some sleep.

Sets Fire, Floats Boat.

12 05 2009

Myself and H went to the Joiners last night, and paid our £6 on the door. This is part of a pretty damn good line up for may, that includes Rollo Tomassi, My Vitriol (check back to the late 90’s for that one) The Boxer Rebellion, Dananananakroyd, The Twilight Sad (going to see the last 2) and Tommy Reilly, winner of the Orange Unsigned Act, who I really want to see, but I am in Zanzibar.

Anyway, 4 bands played, Penny Arcade were shoegazing but pretty good, the lead singer sounded like Robert Smith from the Cure. I See Sparks were up next and really were pretty good. They are more Pop rock than the other bands on the bill, but were probably my second favourite of the night. Gladrags came on third and this six piece took a while to grow on me, but they did, especially when they started with the trumpets.

Then came Sunny Day Sets Fire, a band that I for some reason had always thought had a female lead singer. Turns out that I am wrong though. He is definately a guy. A Swedish guy at that. Their synth knob twiddler and part time drummer is a woman though. A chinese woman at that. When she drums she is incredibly fluid in her over exaggerated movements, but a greart drummer none the less.

SDSF are a definate band that I want more of in my life, a lot more, they entertained and made my ears ring and that is all the entertainment that I need in evening. Will definat

Pylons and Wires

23 04 2009

I got tickets on the door for the dual headliner Gideon Conn and 6 Day Riot at the Joiners on Monday, apologies that its taken a while to write, but I have been busy. Anyway, I got a ticket and was one of about 15 people in there and arrived just as The Real Raj started to play. Kind of a one man band, he was a bit like Jack Johnson but with a Kazoo, more adult language and well, lets be honest, Indian. He was excellent though and set the tone for the evening to come.

Gideon Conn came on next playing an acoustic set, and all I can say about the guy is that he is a genius. His lyrics are great, and his version of almost Folk-Hop is infectious. Plus with his twee almost childlike voice, and staring eyes he can come across as almost Willy Wonka like (Johnny Depp version). This doesn’t stop him being unbelivably energetic and brilliant. He got the boys from 6 Day Riot on stage for a few songs and played a brilliant version of Roy Orbison’s Blue Avenue. To finish with he came into the audience busker like and played Outkast’s Ms. Jackson as we crowded round clapping. A fantastic way to end his set really. See below.

Next up were 6 Day Riot, with their tiny lead singer and Jazz tinged folk tunes. Not enough bands have trumpets in them. These were great too. Its been too long to really give a decent account of this, but I would recommend seeing them if you get the time.

Its a shame that there weren’t more people in the gig, but we had a brilliant time.