22 04 2008

Rajastan won yesterday, unfortunately I was working so couldn’t watch all of it but I did manage to get the last 8 overs. Good stuff.


20 04 2008

OK, Rajastan Royals were beatenquite badly, put into bat they scored 129-8, and  with 2 early wickets this never really looked like a game that we would win.  Still on the bright side this wasn’t necessarily their best team, with Dimi, Morne Morkel or Justin Langer not played.  Anyway, Dehli Daredevils scored 132-1 off of 15 overs to take the win.

So far this tournament hasn’t dissappointed and its still only the first weekend. 



18 04 2008

Evening all.

I have just watched the first game of the Indian Premier League where Kolkata Knightriders have just anihilated Bangalore Royal Challengers.  An absolutely brilliant display by Brendon McCullam hitting a world record score of 158 off of just 73 balls was the highlight as Kolkata reached 220-3.

Bangalore came into bat, and I thought they would have stood a good chance of making a game of it, but how wrong could I be.  With a collapse that England would have been proud of managed 82 all out, with their 2nd highest scorer being Extras.

Anyway, the reason that I am excited is that I always like new sporting events, I remember being fairly extited when the Ruby Super Leage started, and I don’t even like rugby league.  This is a bit special though, as its an entirely new concept.  There are 8 franchises, who each bid for players in a secret auction.  MS Dhoni went for the top price of 1.5million.  All of which goes to him for the 14 games that he could play.

Yes the money is bringing in the big guns, but I am so disappointed in the short sightedness of the English Cricket Board  not letting our players out there.  Playing with the best in the world for 6 weeks will surely improve them more than having rain stop play in Glamorgan. 

Luckily for me one of my favourite players Dimitri Mascarenhas (Got to support the Hampshire boys) is out there, the county have let him go, and all for the better, it will really help his international chances.   Even better he is in the same team as another Hampshire player Shane Warne.  So come on Rajastan Royals.  Now there is something that I never thought I would be saying.

Anyway, Dheli tomorrow 4pm on Setanta.  I’ll be there.