So Much to Talk About, So little Time

11 09 2008

For the last few weeks I have had nothing really to say.  Now I have loads, and don’t have the opportunity to write about it.  So I will do it in bite size chunks here.

1)Lance Armstrongs comeback-Why?  I am a massive fan, but why come out of retirement to try and win Tour number 8.  If you lose it will sully the memory of a great champion.

2)Glasvegas-What an amazing album, I love it.  It makes songs about social workers and dead dads sound anthemic and uplifting.  Next years Mercury music prize please.  Really annoyed that I didn’t get tickets for their Wedgewood Rooms show.

3)The Mercury Music Prize- Well done Elbow, I am really pleased, they don’t get the credit they deserve and are thourghly nice chaps to boot.  Plus I am really glad Adele didn’t win.

4)Flobots- Their album Fights with Tools brings a socially conscious dimension to the Bling and ‘ho world of hip hop.  You wouldn’t see Fiddy rapping about the CIA killing Salvador Ayende would you!

5)The Large Hadron Collider-  I don’t really understand what it does, something to do with Boson’s that don’t exist I believe, but it does have a touch of the Dr Evils about it.  Pay me One Hundred Billion Dollars or I will unleash a “Black Hole”.  Mwah ha ha, Mw ha ha ha ha ha ha.

6)The End of The Road-Not because of Black Holes, but because its the festival that I am going to this weekend.  In the Rain.  Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band, Mercury Rev and Calexico headline the 3 days.  Really looking forward to Micah P Hinson British Sea Power, Bon Iver, The Pictish Trail and The Mountain Goats.

7)Stickboy-After hearing a track on Marc Riley on 6 Music I bought the album.  Its great.  I don’t know much about the fella but its one worth getting.

8)The new job is going well.  Not my ideal career choice, but the people that I work with are nice and the benefits are good.

There you go, short but informative, a bit like me. 




One response

12 09 2008

I was thinking about getting the Glasvegas album. I really like Daddy’s gone. He has one of those voices where his accent shines through even when he’s singing.

Totally agree about Elbow, good job well done. I’ve only seen them once but they were excellent. And Powder Blue is one of ‘those’songs that could just stop time and bring tears to my eyes.

Enjoy end of the road, look out for the child catcher, (the lead singer of Mercury Rev) he freaks me out!

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