Rockys Eyebrows

26 01 2008

I have never been the biggest boxing fan, and most definately never been the biggest Sylvester Stallone fan (I seem to remember a really bad musical called Oscar, but I might have made that up), so it came as a surprise to me tonight when I ended up watching Rocky Balboa, the 6th installment of the franchise.  It definately wasn’t for the acting, Sly’s monologues just go on for a while with a bit of grunting.

Anyway, I realised what had sucked me in.  Its sheer car crash and a spot of rubber necking, but Sylvester Stallones Eyebrows are unbelieveable.  Perfectly maintained, but so out of place on his face.  For some reason they curl around the side and end up at the bottom of the eye. 

A little bit random, so sorry about that, but I thought it was quite interesting.



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