21 10 2009

A while back I was at Flat 6 with Afro Aid, Andy and Stu watching the Graduate.  Dave was there too.  For some reason this film (a classic) made Dave Irate, really really angry.  He wanted to leave twice but we told him it was a good film which it is.  Still he hated the film, and it turns out that he has no empathy for the character of Dustin Hoffman and he hates the female lead for going back to him even though he has treated her like an idiot.

Anyway, last saturday the Daily Fail  was giving away a copy of the film free on DVD, so we all bought a copy.

Last night at the pub Quiz we decided to give them to him, we cunningly hid them in his coat pockets while he was at the bar, and then called ourselves Check Your Pockets Dave.

He didn’t find it funny.



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