Lied To.

6 05 2009

Im sure that you have all seen the massive phenomeon that was Jurassic Park, the film that came out in 1993 based on the book by Michael Crichton, which is actually quite dramatic, and made for a good study in my GCSE English coursework.

Anyway, now 16 years later, I have finally found out that we have been lied to.  On a major scale.  2 highly influential members of the media arts society have dragged the viewing and reading public up the garden path.   

Velociraptors, the big scary dinosaurs that hunted in packs, were actually the size of poodles, and had feathers.  The dig at the start of the film was supposed to have been based in Montana, while the smaller Velociraptor mongoliensis (as mentioned in the book) was actually from Mongolia.  The clue is in the name there I’m afraid.

Rant over and only 16 years too late.  Have a nice day.



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