Signposts wanted.

13 06 2008

I left home at 9.30 this morning with Rich to go on a fairly long road ride, we headed out past Langstone and then hit the beach path towards Emsworth.  From here, we headed down the South Coast Cycle Path, which is posibly the worst signposted route ever, we swiftly left this, as we had no idea where it went and headed around Chichester Harbour, which is bigger than I thought and kept going, so we did about 6 miles off roading before hiting the road to Fishbounre and then onto Dell Quay, where we had a well deserved pint. We would have eaten, but as this is a nice pub and restaurant the food was far too expensive for us.

The way back proved to be a struggle as all the way there was a headwind and roads that seemed to be uphill on the way out also seemed to be uphill on the way back.  To break this up we headed to the Beefeater for 2 courses for £7.99.  Now I am not saying that Steak and Apple Crumble are the best energy food, but it did the trick and we finished our ride just after 3 pm.

40 miles today and feeling good.



One response

13 06 2008

Cool, well done. I hate those mobile hills, I come across them quite often whilst running. You think to yourself oh it’s mostly uphill on the way out so must be downhill on the way back but no, those pesky hills get up and turn around.

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