KP Goes Lefty*

16 06 2008

KP goes leftyIf you have been following the circket and the one dayers between England and New Zealand, you would have probably heard the furore over the 2 audacious shots played by Kevin Pietersen where he changed from a right handed batsman to a lefty as the ball was leaving a bemused Scott Styris’ hand and sending it for six down the now leg side.

A lot of people have a lot of problems with this sort of thing mainly being the fact that the bowlers have to say whether they are going to bowl around or over the wicket, so surely it should follow that batsmen should do the same.

Hopefully the MCC and he ICC who are looking into his won’t ban it, because it is an amazing shot, that not everyone will be able to play. You can however guarantee that if he had been out whilst playing this shot first time, nobody would have said a word about it.  As a Hampshire fan, I have no doubt that KP will go onto be one of the games great batsmen and with shots like this, he will make others believe it too.

*Kevin Pietersen, not my friend KP

Cookery 101

16 06 2008

I actually cooked properly last night.  For those of you who know me, I am not the greatest or most motivated chef, but yesterday I actually found a recipe, followed the instructions (to a fashion) and food came out the other end.

It was Jamaican Jerk prok with Butternut Squash rice.  It was actually alright and neither me or he housemate were ill.  All good in that respect then.  I also made a Mango salsa, but that went abit wrong and ended up being more like a tropical fruit salad with tomato in it.  The recipe is here if you are interested.

Anyway, I know that I am not a great chef, I havn’t got the patience to be, but I think that at some point I may try again, what though depends on what has been loitering in our freezer for the longest.