OK Forestry Commission, Where’d It Go.

11 06 2008

I was out on the bike again today (22miles, get in) and I took the hard slog up Farlington Avenue and then down to Hundred Acres Woods where I was going to pick up the mountain bike trail, but all of the paths were overgrown and all of the signs had been taken away.  To say that this was a little dissappointing is an understatement, so I took a few paths and ended up in a sand pit, after this I decided to come home.

Bring back the path please, so that I can save my frustration.  On the plus side, I did 22 miles and I feel fine, I could do with getting a new saddle though.



One response

12 06 2008

I can also claim to be getting (even) fitter, since moving to Chez Shane I have been out most nights finding routes and paths that are moderate enought for en early evening ride and tonight found a superb bit of bridle-path that makes my usual loop a good 8 or so miles. Likewise what I have just found lead me to have the most fun I’ve had on a bike in a while.

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