1 07 2010

Midlake are a strange band to try and sum up.  I like The Trials of Van Occupanther album, but I can’t think why.  Its not like I can actually remember any of the songs, which is why I had a hard time at the Wedgewood Rooms when I went to see them last night.

They have recently been voted the best live act at the Mojo awards, beating Kasabian, Rufus Wainwright, the Arctic Monkeys and Florence and the Machine to the title, and they really were excellent, I can’t think of any other bands that would have a flute duet in one of their songs.  What makes this award even better is that its voted for by the public, and unlike the NME, Mojo actually knows what it is talking about, being a proper music magazine.  Anyway, I digress.

Excellent live they certainly are, and they seem to like Portsmouth, reeling off stories about the last time they were down this way, visiting the Submarine Museum.  They also thought that their set was better than the one that they played at Glastonbury last week, which is nice.  I will have to get their new album, as what they played last night was quite spectacular.

On a side note, the audience last night was really weird, there were a lot of SAGA age fans in the crowd (at least a third of them) but it made for a nice atmosphere and there was plenty of space and no moshing.  Early in the evening The Jolly Green Dave Ware, told me that there was a woman that looked like ET to our left.  Later she came up to me and asked if he was single because he was staring at her.  I didn’t tell her it was because he thought she was an alien…



2 responses

7 07 2010
The Boy Lord

Big shout out to the Jolly Green Giant and his over-active womanising.

9 07 2010

To be fair, she did look like ET and most people when they are being stared at have the grace to ignore it.

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