2050 Miles to Scotland and Back Pt.1

20 07 2010

I have just returned from 11 days in Scotland which is beautiful, but rainy (as everyone told us, the week before was lovely). We started out on the Sunday morning and drove the 860 miles to Drymen by Loch Lomond. We arrived in a torrential downpour, which soon subsided and gave way to a force 10 gale. This didn’t put us off though, we put up our tent and then had a look around part of the lake, even in the wind and the rain, it’s rugged beauty shone through. We had a pint in the Oldest Licenced pub in Scotland, and headed to bed shattered from the early morning and the driving.

Due to the weather we had decided to move on the next day, just as the sun came out and we headed towards Oban, stopping at the pretty little village of Luss, on the shores of the Loch.

From here we headed up towards Oban, stopping at Loch Fyne to try and go to the Oyster shed, which turned out to be closed. Instead we had to make do with going to the Brewery and purchased some of the local ale, Pipers Gold, which was very nice.

Getting to Oban we managed to find our campsite quite easily and pitched up before heading into the town. We visited McHaigs tower a strange folly built on the top of the hill overlooking Oban, which from a distance looks the size of the Colesseum in Rome. Being interested in the Local Food and Drink as we were we had to take a tour around the Oban Whisky Distillery, where we received the low down on how to make the stuff. I must say that I am not a fan, of any Whisky, so the taster we got came as a bit of a surprise when I actually liked it. The 10 year old goes quite well with a piece of crystalised ginger. Later that evening H also tried Haggis for the first time and we both enjoyed the starter of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.

We must have picke a comfortable pitch as we both slept well, which was just as well as we were headed for a longish walk around the small Island of Kerrara. To get there you have to take the small ferry. We were told that there was a Castle and a Seal Colony there, so it was quite exciting. We saw the ruined castle on its rocky outcrop and had a look around it, which was rather fabulous, we didn’t see any seals though.

The next day we moved on to Applecross, but that will be in Part 2.



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