Television: Drug Of The Nation

5 10 2009

OK, so its that time of year again where all of the big and rather excellent US TV shows start.  I can see the recorder going overtime in the coming weeks as there is so much good stuff on.  Last week kicked it off with FlashForward (a cross between the 4400 and the X-Files) with Joseph Fiennes investigating why everyone in the world had stopped moving and had premonitions for 2minutes and 17 seconds. 

Then last night season 6 (oh no I have turned american calling them seasons rather than series) of House started, in which our titular anti-hero is in an Asylum.   This was followed by the start of Fringe season 2, and its good to see that this hasn’t got any less weird/exciting/disgusting/all of the above.

Tomorrow is the one that I am really looking forward to.  The third of the Stargate franchise starts Stargate Universe.  I have only seen the trailers, but it looks good already.  A young team is lost aboard an Ancients ship seeding Stargates across the universe.  Sounds good to me.  Plus its got Robert Carlyle in the lead role.

Thursday is the return of Bones and Lie To Me in which Tim Roth is outstanding as the body Language expert Kal Lightman.  Unfortunately on Friday Trueblood has finished but is being replaced by the American Version of Life on Mars, which should be interesting.

I am not even going to pretend that I have a life for the next 12 weeks or so, this will be much better than reality.

PS.  Trying to blog everyday for 30 days is difficult.  I am 5 days in and running out of things to talk about….can you tell.



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