Inconsiderate B@$£@?DS

4 10 2009

I was staying at H’s on friday night and we went to bed about 10.  Shortly afterwards I started to hear a low humming noise, a bit like when we start our dishwasher.  Unfortunately, being a light sleeper, this was enough to mean that I wouldn’t sleep until it stopped.  However, this was only the tip of the iceberg, as it turned out that it was the washing machine.  The noisiest washing machine in the world.  A washing machine with 3 legs on a wooden floor.  Midnight it kicked into its spin cycle, and almost managed to pneumatic drill its way through the floor.  I really think that this is an inconsiderate way to behave, you might not be asleep, but other people might want to.  Before this I didn’t think that the Swiss had the right idea with general practice saying that you can’t use a washing machine after 9pm and at all on a sunday.

And its a nice country too!



One response

6 10 2009

As a fellow light sleeper I really do agree.

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