City of the Damned

25 02 2009

As you may know, I am not the most dynamic of people, and do like spending time in front of a computer, however I do like to get out of the office at lunchtime. 

Before I started working here, I very rarely came into the city, but now I do, I generally alternate the walks that I go for on my lunch hour, between the Seafront, Gunwharf and the city centre.  I am beginning to now despise the city centre, its grey and depressing.  The people are rude and normally the unemployed shoplifting type. 

If you aren’t dodging the pools of phlegm on the pavement you are being rammed by fat people in electric granny wagons.  Not because they can’t walk but because they are too lazy.  Also having to walk at either 2 paces a minute because you can’t overtake the herds of prams really annoys me.

Like most city centres now, you have to fight your way past the charity muggers, (although for fun a while back I did stop for a chat with one, because she was attractive and Irish) to get to the 2 shops that are still open that aren’t Mobile Phone Shops.

The staff are usually unhelpful and look just as unhappy to be there as the customers that they are serving.  I don’t think that this is particular to Portsmouth, infact I know that it isn’t and as the country is slipping into a depression, I think it is going to get worse.  It doesn’t help that there are no different types of shop.  I much prefer the smaller towns with the independent retailers.  If only Albert Road were within walking distance.

I think that I may have to alter my walking patterns to avoid this, as its really beginning to annoy me, I might try and spend some more time at the seafront, or read a few more books during my lunch break.



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