27 02 2009

I have set myself a challenge for when I am on holiday in a couple of weeks, its not a big challenge and should be fairly easily achievable. 

I intend to ride at least 100 miles on my bike.  I used to be able to do this easily, so why not now.  depending on the weather I may try to ride the Isle Of Wight in a day.  Its only 65 miles around apparantly, and you can get a return ferry for just over 15 quid. 

I reckon that I will park my car in the University car park and get an early morning ferry over, ride it and then get the first ferry back that I can.  I didnt realise that they went 24 hours a day, so I should be ok, as long as I can get back before dark.  If I get in trouble, then I can find somewhere to stay for the night. 

I will be on holiday after all.



2 responses

5 03 2009

Good luck. Let me know how you do.

23 03 2009

Have you given up blogging?

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