The Warlord Chronicles

2 08 2011

I have just finished reading Excalibur, the final book in Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Trilogy.  The three books, The Winter King, Enemy of God and Excalibur are a re-telling of the King Arthur legend (I guess the last one gives it away) setting the stories in the Dark ages and dealing with the Saxon invasion.

Told from the perspective of Arthurs 2nd in command Derfel they deal heavily with Oaths that are made and broken between men and kings, as well as the rise of Christianity and fall of the old Pagan Gods.  They take well known characters from the King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table stories, mix them with a bit of historical fact and voilá, you have a set of excellent books.

Now I know in some circles, Historical Fiction is seen as a bit of a joke, taking fact and bastardising it to your own ends, but he- ho, I like it and Bernard Cornwell must spend most of his time researching before actually writing.   If you like the original King Artuhur story, you might like these, but then again, what you already know of Arthur and his Knights is all historical fiction anyway. 

By the way, St. Derfel, on whom the character of Derfel Cadarn was based, was a 6th Century Christian Monk.  Mind you, this has come from Wikipedia, so this may be fiction too.




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