The Perils of Finding a Plus One

12 02 2009

Part 1.  Confessions

Let’s put it like this, I could never be part of the New York of Friends or Sex and The City where everyone has a different date every Friday and Saturday night.  I hate the first date thing, it makes me nervous, and I am sure that I am not the only one.

Life was much simpler when I was at university, you would just end up with someone drunk in a club and then leave it at that for another week.  Nowadays I think that I am too old for a clubbing scene that I never really liked anyway, and I am definately more at home with a country pub than a rammed city bar, so where do I go to meet anyone.

A while ago I joined a well known dating site (Don’t judge me) to have a look to see if there was anybody out there.  Now for those of us with low self esteem, being ignored by thousands of women at the same time isn’t such a good idea.

Part 2.  Reasoning

The reason I was actually looking for a Plus one is that in the last 3 or 4 years I have been to 12 weddings.  All of them have been nice, but I have never had anyone to go with.  So when I got another invitation for Catherine and Steve’s I thought that I had better start looking.

Part 3. Unceremonious

Recently I have been on 4 dates with an unnamed (to you) young lady.   I thought that all things were going well, until I got a dumping email.  A bloody email.  Surely I deserve better than that.  Maybe I don’t. 

The reason that she ended it was that she “Just wasn’t feeling it”.  Fairly sure I couldn’t have done anything differently, I thought that she actually liked me but there you go.

Being dumped by anyone isn’t nice, but receiving an email at work when you are already having a crappy day really tops the lot.

Anyway, I might stay off of that site for a while, and actually concentrate on going out into the real world.  I am sure that this won’t cure my plus one burden, but you never know.



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