9 12 2008
I own about 700 albums, and I wouldn’t say that any of them were what would e socially thought of as “Pop” music. In my eyes there is a time and a place for Pop music and it is at 14 year old girls birthday parties. But there was a time when it meant popular. This was back when the charts meant something, when you had to sell more than 4 singles to get in the charts. A time when Top of The Pops got 8 million viewers a week to see all sorts of bands, making music that was popular, it didn’t matter whether it was rock and roll, disco, or blues it was popular and people wanted to see it.
Now would you call The Killers “Pop” I guess not, how about Kanye West, that would be a no too. Going back a few years would anyone describe Radiohead, Oasis or Blur Pop, I don’t think so. How about Nirvana or even the Sex Pistols. All of these have had number one albums that have sold millions of copies, but none of them would be described as “Pop”. Kurt Cobain would probably turn in his grave if he though his music was “Pop”. The second highest selling album of all time is Back in Black by AC/DC. I am one of the 50 million people that own this album and its not pop.
The alternative to Pop is, well, Alternative. Its everything not popular, it’s supposed to be the stuff that that the fat beardy muso’s listen to in the bedrooms of their mums houses. But it’s not, genre’s are where its at now.
For some reason genres have taken over and bands are being pigeonholed into smaller and smaller genres.  Take Metal as an example, as a genre you could say that this is pretty easy to define, but you can break this down even further into many different genres.  Death Metal, Nu-Metal, Hardcore, Darkcore, Thrash, Stoner, Folk, Glam, Industrial, Extreme, Progressive, Alterative to name but a few, and thats not even going into the crossover genres.  It seems that every band is trying to carve out their own niche and now this meansd inventing a new genre.  Next time someone tells you they are “like, well into avant-progressive rock”  (i.e. Animal Collective), tell them to fuck off as its alternative.



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