Mental Couple of Months.

10 08 2012

Ahoy, it’s been a while (again). I make no apologies, because I have been really busy. Here are some of the things that I haven’t had time to write about.

Firstly, my Wedding (I got married on the 27th July) and the amazing day that we both had. I know that everybody says that about their wedding, but it was true.

Secondly, my Stag do(s). The first to St. Davids in Wales, where a group of my best friends (women included) organised a weekend getaway. The second was to 2000 Trees festival, which I loved despite the mud and having to leave early. 4 of us went to that.

After the wedding came the honeymoon (or mini-moon as we only went for 3 days) to Paris. We did the usual touristy stuff, but also some other bits and pieces that we wanted to, like the Catacombes under Montparnasse cemetary, and Pere Lechaise to see the graves of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Modigliani.

All of this is on top of the busy period in the office with graduations and new student admissions.

It’s still going to be busy for the next few monts, but I will try and write a bit more. In 3 weeks we are going to The End of The Road Festival, which is our wedding present from my group of excellent friends. Then in 7 weeks, we have the honeymoon proper, which we booked yesterday. We are heading to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for 21 days. Which will be amazing.

All in all, I’m having fun at the moment. I hope that you are too.

Another Wedding

6 04 2009

I went to Steve and Catherines wedding this weekend, and that makes 14 I have been to in the last 3 or 4 years. Luckily the sun came out nicely and it was a lovely day.

The reception was a bit weird though, as a lot of the guests had kids, so left really early. Nobody danced as all of the tables were left out, so sitting seemed to be the order of the day,  but there seemed to be endless amounts of money left behind the bar, which was great for us.  

The food was excellent, though, with carrot and corriander soup, roast pork (I ate my bodyweight in crackling) and then apple strudel.  Lovely stuff.

I went to school with Steve and Catherine was the first person that I met at University.  We have been friends ever since.  The two of them met at another wedding (Mack and Spanner), who are now coincidently awaiting the pitter patter of a tiny smell making machine.

Anyway, congratulations and all that.